SRAM World Championship – 1X Gold Drivetrains

9/2/2015 : sicklines

To honor its athletes, SRAM has equipped a limited number of Worlds bikes in Vallnord, Andorra, with special, ‘World Championship Use Only’ 1x™ drivetrains. Meant as a token of appreciation for the hard work and dedication these athletes display throughout the racing season, SRAM says it hopes these gold-colored components will provide just a tiny bit more motivation when the races start.

Photos by Victor Lucas ;& Sven Martin
, SRAM World Championship – 1X Gold Drivetrains

The Worlds is an event like no other on the cycling calendar. Here, once a year, riders swap team colors and instead fly some national pride on their backs. Here, flags of the home country become a more prevalent, and custom-painted helmets and bikes celebrate culture and ancestry. Normal rules no longer apply.

But for the best, this is simply a race for the Gold. Nothing else matters when the title of World Champion is on the line. Climbing to the top step of the podium and being officially awarded the title of World Champion is a privilege only for a few astonishing riders.

X01 DH World Championship edition Gold Metal.
Whatever the outcome in Andorra, once the racing is done and the medals have been awarded, the Gold Metal parts will be pulled from the bikes. SRAM hopes some of them will go on display next to some real World Championship Gold Medal.
, SRAM World Championship – 1X Gold Drivetrains

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