2014 SRAM X01 Weights – Cassette, Shifter, Crankset, and more

11/14/2013 : sicklines
, 2014 SRAM X01 Weights – Cassette, Shifter, Crankset, and more

SRAM X01 on the 2014 Specialized Enduro Expert Evo

Curious to see how the SRAM X01 parts compare on the scale? We got a SRAM X01 gruppo and weighed each part on the scale for you all to see.

If you’re not familiar with SRAM’s X01 components, be sure to check out our initial post to learn more about it. X01 helps brings SRAM’s XX1 technology to the masses and that’s a good thing. Their new X01 components work really well and we’ve been pleased with it from the time we’ve spent on it so far.

The system utilizes a single ring up front (30t – 38t) that is specifically designed to retain the chain with their X-SYNC technology that utilizes an alternating narrow and wide profile to help keep the chain engaged.  The 11 speed rear cassette also plays a major role in the system as it has a wide spread 10t-42t that rides on an XD compatible freehub body to give riders a wide range of gearing so as to avoid needing a front derailleur.  If you work out the gear combinations possible with this setup you can see how anyone is able to ride X01/XX1 given the big spread of gears.  Weather you’re a XC racer, Enduro rider, or a trial rider X01 can work for you.

The SRAM X01 X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur also plays an integral part in maintaining chain tension and moving the drivetrain across the wide 10-42t cassette range.

X-HORIZON can keep the chain gap the same across all 11 gears. By taking vertical movement out of the equation, this design doesn’t just make shifting faster—it reduces shift force and eliminates ghost shifting. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH technology reduces bounce and chain slap. CAGE LOCK technology makes wheel removal and installation easier than ever before. Paired with the X01 shifter, the X-HORIZON RD forms the backbone of X-ACTUATION™ technology: the key to totally smooth shifting action.

The SRAM X01 system allows you to remove some pieces typically found on your bike such as the front derailleur, front shifter, and chainrings from your bike.  The chainring has allowed some people to also run their bikes without a chainguide (depending on your needs) which can also save even more weight.

Weights: (you can see additional weights in our dedicated weights section)

Part Year Real(g) Picture
SRAM X01 X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur 2014 250.3 link
SRAM X01 Trigger Shifter 11spd 2014 118.7 link
SRAM XG-1195 11spd cassette 10-42t 2014 261.6 link
SRAM PC-XX1 Chain 117links 2014 260.3 link
SRAM X01 Crankset PF30 175mm arms 2014 533.2 link
SRAM Truvativ X-Sync 32t chainring (94bcd) 2014 55.4 link
SRAM Truvativ X-Sync 34t chainring (94bcd) 2014 60.4 link
Truvativ chainring bolts 2014 6.8 link
Truvativ PF30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket 2014 76.1 link


Visit this link for pricing options via JensonUSA

  • Crankset – $279
  • Chainring (30-38t) – $98
  • Cassette – $399
  • Trigger Shifter – $139
  • Gripshift – $129
  • Chain – $58
  • Rear Derailleur – $269

We’ll be posting more on SRAM’s new X01 components as well soon.  You can also learn more about X01 components and technologies at  http://www.sram.com


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