Enduro Bearings Inside Program Launches With Alchemy Bikes To Start

12/1/2022 : sicklines

Enduro Bearings Teams with Alchemy Bikes on ‘ Enduro Bearings Inside’ Program Alchemy will feature Enduro’s proprietary, lifetime-warranty XD15 ceramic-hybrid bearings and components on their bespoke road, gravel and mountain bikes.

Oakland, California (November 30, 2022) — Enduro Bearings is proud to announce the launch of its ‘Enduro Bearings Inside’ collaboration with Alchemy bikes. The program is more than just providing a bearing spec; the companies will work closely together to optimize frame and spinning component durability and performance. They’ll also blend marketing efforts to educate and inform consumers on the unseen, yet highly important, benefits of purpose-built bearings for each location on a bike.

For Alchemy bikes, their just-launched Au program – ultralight frames and top-end builds of existing road and gravel models – will feature Enduro’s lifetime guaranteed XD15 bottom brackets, Directline derailleur pulleys and hub bearings as standard equipment. Both sides agree this partnership is a perfect way to shine a light on a partnership that began years ago when Alchemy spec’d Enduro MAX suspension bearings on their first mountain bike, the Arktos.

XD15’s sum is greater than its alpha-numeric parts. Developed for the aerospace industry to repel deicing compounds and withstand space missions to Mars, XD15 is a nitrogen-infused super stainless steel that is more than just corrosion resistant – it’s corrosion-proof. Enduro is the only bike bearing company manufacturing XD15 bearing races, and when paired with ceramic balls nested behind tight-tolerance double-lip silicon rubber seals, Enduro’s XD15 family of bearings and components are arguably the best in the world. They actually get better with age as the ceramic balls hyper-polish the bearing races.

“After years of supplying bearings to Alchemy, we are excited to provide XD15 products for their Au line of bikes,” says Matt Harvey, Enduro’s Co-Founder. “They’re an ideal Enduro Bearings Inside partner.”

Alchemy’s founder, Ryan Cannizzaro, agrees it’s a great fit and beneficial to all parties, including the end consumer. “We’ve had their bearings for years on other bikes, so we know what great quality they are. Adding XD15 bearings, with their lifetime warranty, made perfect sense, since we also offer a lifetime warranty on our frames. And we look forward to adding an Enduro bearing upgrade option to our other lines soon as well.”

In addition to R&D collaboration, Alchemy and all future program partners will feature Enduro Inside logos on their website along with small graphic call-outs on the bikes. Enduro will display partner logos as well and offer links to all Enduro Inside partners.


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