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Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit


Dynaplug has a new product, the Cover Bard End Tubeless Repair Kit, to help you quickly seal your tubeless tires in the event of a puncture. Details inside from Dynaplug. Continue reading

Dynaplug – Carbon Racer Tire Plugging Tool


Dynaplug has a new lightweight nylon tire plugging tool in carbon color. Check out the details inside from Dynaplug.

Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves


Muc-Off is well known for their popular Nano Tech Bike Cleaner and they have a lot of great products that often get overshadowed by their pink cleaner. Inside we take a look at their tubeless valves that have some very … Continue reading

Review – Topeak TubiBooster


The Topeak TubiBooster is an air cylinder designed to for inflating bicycle tires. Most people are going to use the TubiBooster to get a quick blast of air to setup a tubeless tire. These little air tanks have been around … Continue reading

IFHT – How to Install Tubeless Tires


The IFHT crew walks us through a tubeless tire conversion…

Schwalbe Tire Booster – Portable Air Tank


Schwalbe has a new procut called Tire Booster. It’s a small chargeable air tank to make seating tubeless tires easier. Details inside from Schwalbe.

milKit – Verify Sealant Level In Road and Mountain Tires Without Unmounting


If you’ve wanted to verify how much sealant is in your tire without removing it, milKit has a solution for your road and mountain bike now.

Schwalbe EVO Tubes, Tire Cutter, Foes Hydro, Mixer, Race Face NEXT SL G4, Composite Spider Chainring


Inside we take a look at some new products from Schwalbe, FOES, and Race Face from the 2016 Sea Otter Classic.  We take a look at Schwalbe’s bike specific tire siping tool, lightweight tubes, updated Race Face Next SL cranks, USA made … Continue reading

Video: Schwalbe Dual Chamber Tubeless System


Earlier this year Schwalbe sent over some information on a new tubeless system they’ve been working on called Dual Chamber. They’ve seen some success already this year with the system in a variety of genres. Check out the video inside … Continue reading

2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset


Mavic’s Crossmax SX wheelset is quite popular amongst a variety of riders and inside we take a look at their 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX wheelset.