Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit

10/13/2020 : sicklines

Dynaplug has a new product, the Cover Bard End Tubeless Repair Kit, to help you quickly seal your tubeless tires in the event of a puncture. Details inside from Dynaplug.

, Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit

We’ve posted a few of the Dynaplug products in the past like the lightweight Carbon Racer and below the Carbon Racer is their new bar end offering!

, Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit

This is the people’s tire plugger– made by popular request from Dynaplug customers, the Dynaplug Covert tubeless tire repair kit features Twin Tube™ technology, which allows you to store 2 plugs in each tool. That’s 4 plugs ready-to-go!

The Covert tools threads into mounts that snap into an ODI-compatible grip lockring, adding new functionality to the riders- favorite locking grip system. Even better, the Covert kit includes a free pair of ODI Vans LOCK-ON grips! Just lock on the grips and you’re ready to go. 

Stealth Game Strong

Riders everywhere are going stealth, with mini tools, spare tubes and other repair accessories hidden inside frames, steerer tubes, crank spindles and even thru-axles. Now Dynaplug jumps in to dominate the plug side of the hidden tool revolution with a stealthy version of their fan-favorite, award-winning, Meerkat-approved plug system. 

, Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit

A couple turns of the Covert tool removes it from the end cap. The snug snap-on cap protects the plug tips when not in use, just pop it off and the plug is ready to deploy.

The Twin Tube™ technology plug tube unscrews from the tool body to flip around with the other size plug ready to deploy. Fit one side of your bars with the Soft-Tip ready and one with the Megaplug, and you’re ready to go with both sizes, or set ‘em up the same if you tend toward a standard size hole when getting flats.

, Dynaplug Covert Bar End Tubeless Repair Kit

Following in the pattern of their Racer-series tools, the Bar End Racer is double-sided, with one standard Soft Tip plug and one Megaplug ready to plug almost any type of puncture. Megaplugs are (as the name implies) extra-large for big holes, while Soft Tip brass plugs fill garden-variety small tire holes. Both plugs can be doubled up or combined to fill super-sized holes. Covert kits include 3 spare Soft Tip plugs and one Megaplug. 

Dynaplug® Covert Kit Highlights: 

  • Kit includes:
    • 2 – Dynaplug® Bar End Tools
    • 1 – Megaplug
    • 3 – Standard Plugs
    • 1 – Standard Twin Tube™
    • 1 – Standard/Megaplug Twin Tube™
  • MSRP: $ $69.99
  • Product Page: http://www.dynaplug.com/covert.htm
  • Tool Construction- Anodized Billet 6061 Aluminum and Hardened 304 Stainless Steel with Brass/Alloy and Viscoelastic rubber plugs.
  • Weight: 38.5g (2 tools loaded with plugs)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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