2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

12/5/2012 : sicklines

Mavic’s Crossmax SX wheelset is quite popular amongst a variety of riders and inside we take a look at their 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX wheelset.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Mavic Crossmax SX 2012

Mavic has been making rims and wheels for quite some time so when we pulled out the Crossmax SX wheels from the box we weren’t surprised with the first impression. The Crossmax SX wheelset has been around for some time and we’ve even used some of their earlier versions but these new Crossmax SX’s have a vibrant finish to them that made them feel even more high end right out of the box.

The Crossmax SX wheelset is aimed at a more aggressive rider and has fit with a wide variety of riders including Enudro atheles like Jerome Clementz and freeriders like Cam Zink just the same. The Crossmax SX wheels are also compatible with the latest axle configurations including all 135mm options as well as 142×12 in the rear and both 20mm & 15mm compatible.

The Crossmax SX are Mavic’s benchmark 26″ All Mountain Wheelset with Zircal Spokes, FORE drilling, UST, ITS-4, and much more. The machining on these wheels help save weight and provide a unique look that we think is unmatched in appearance.

For 2011, there was a re-design of the rim extrusion (rounder profile) which makes it stiffer and stronger for the same weight. The tire bed is a bit rounded for improved UST inflation.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Crossmax Zircal Spokes (24h) and FORE drilling

The tubeless rim bed makes for an easy tubeless setup should you choose to run tubeless.  No rim tape necessary here.  The spoke nipples thread into the rim itself as well.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Crossmax rim

Instant Transfer System 4 : Using 4 pawls working 2 by 2, the system provides a more dynamic ride, thanks to a very fast engagement. Its versatility makes it compatible with all kind of frame retention system.
Better energy transmission: fast engagement, only 7,5° freeplay between two engaged positions
Stiffer: 17mm monobloc axle
12mm through axle compatible to fit any kind of frame retention system

Mavic has worked on their hubs recently and if you haven’t tried out their new ITS-4 equipped hubs, they’ve been updated. The ITS-4 freehub has improved freehub body internals that offer good engagement, ample axle compatibility, and good durability. The rear hub you see here is convertible between 135mm Quick Release, 135 x 12mm, 142 x 12mm, and a thru-axle 10mm QR is also available for purchase separately. Mavic also now includes most all of these adapters with the wheels that you can see more below.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Mavic Crossmax SX

The front hub is compatible between 15mm and 20mm as well.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

20mm Front Hub (also convertible to 15mm)

Included with the Crossmax SX wheelset are a variety of accessories like a special spoke wrench, tire lever, quick release, hub tool, and tubeless valve cores.  The Spoke wrench used to be a separate tool but for the SX its integrated into the tire lever itself along with a hub adjustment tool.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Included Parts (UST tubeless valve cores, spoke wrench, magnet, tire lever)

Mavic also included numerous adapters with the Crossmax SX’s that allow you to fit these to a wide range of bikes right out of the box. The adapters they include were 15mm, 142 x 12, and 135mm QR rear adapters. Out of the box, the SX’s were setup with a rear 135x12mm and 20mm front configuration. If you are still running a 135mm quick release rear end, Mavic also sells a 135 x 10mm axle for these wheels that allow you to have a bolt-on setup.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Adapters included - 142mm / 135 QR / 15mm (front)

One of the big benefits to the Mavic UST rim system is their ability to use FORE drilling that helps them create a stiff tubeless rim offering with better stiffness as they don’t have to drill through both walls in the rim for the spokes. The UST compatible rim allows riders to run their tires tubelessly with compatible tubeless ready tires as well as UST ones.  The beauty of these UST rims is you don’t need to use any gorilla tape or rubber strips to convert your wheels.  They’re ready for you to configure a the tubeless setup right out of the box.  If tubeless isn’t your thing, you can still run these wheels with tubes as well.

, 2013 Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Mavic Crossmax SX UST compatible rim


  • 935.0g Crossmax SX rear wheel (135x12mm setup)
  • 826.6g Crossmax SX front wheel (20mm setup)


  • $899.99

Overall the Crossmax SX wheels are very impressive and Mavic has done a nice job with refining these over the years. Price wise they’re not cheap but its a lightweight high-end wheelset that can cover a lot of uses. They’ve got a low spoke count wheel at 24, but they still pack a good deal of stiffness given the revised spokes, FORE drilling, Zircal spokes, and other Mavic technology. The spokes and nipples are not your standard spoke/nipple so if you do manage to break one you may not be able to pick up a replacement as easily if your shop doesn’t stock them. Outside of that, these wheels are very impressive on all fronts. Stay tuned to see more on the SX’s as we’ve got some plans for them!

Learn more about the Mavic products at www.mavic.com


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