Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

12/10/2019 : sicklines

Muc-Off is well known for their popular Nano Tech Bike Cleaner and they have a lot of great products that often get overshadowed by their pink cleaner. Inside we take a look at their tubeless valves that have some very neat features.

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

The Muc-Off (us.muc-off.com) nano cleaner products work really well at cleaning mud and grime safely from your bike and if you’re looking for an even better bang for your buck they sell it in concentrate format as well that allows you to dilute the cleaner yourself at a reduced cost. We like refilling the little bottles for easy on the road cleaning.

The focus of this article however is on the Muc-Off tubeless valves. They’re available in eight colors in 44mm or 60mm lengths for $29.99 but we’ve found them a little cheaper on Amazon as well if you have an account there. For this article we are looking at the 44mm presta valves in gold.

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

The contents include two presta valves along with a valve core removal tool that doubles as an extra valve cap, different rubber bases to fit various rims, and some stickers tucked inside the label.

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

Rims with a square rim section should use the square rubber base while curved rims should use one of the curved rubber base. Most valves you buy may not have all these bases.
, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

Installing and removing the valves are made easier as there is a 4mm wrench hole on the backside and 11mm wrench flats on the nut to allow you to use a tool to hold the valve instead of using finger pressure. These are mainly for cases where a valve is stuck when it comes time to remove it but the 4mm can be handy for installation. You don’t want the valve too tight, hand pressure is more than adequate, as overtightened valves can also cause leaking. They’re lightweight at only 11g for the set and they’re made from 6061 aluminum.

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

The extra valve cap included has a slot in it that allows it to double as a valve core removal tool.
, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

Comparing the Muc-Off valve stem to a few other valve stems you can see how they differ. The Cush Core (green) valve is one of our favorites as it has a big hole and multiple ways for fluid to pass through. Smaller valve like the ones you see on the left can get tubeless sealant stuck inside since they’re smaller. The black Orange Seal valve you see below also includes multiple rubber bases and doesn’t stick up as high in the rim bed comparatively if that’s a concern for your needs.

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves
In addition to those differences, the Muc-Off also features a bigger O-ring that should help to ensure sealing compared to other valves as you can see above.

We are quite impressed with the Muc-Off valves and we’ve installed a set on a wheelset to see how they do in the long term. Muc-Off also sells No Puncture tire sealant that comes in a handy pouch that secures directly onto a valve core for easy installation.

The recommended amount can be easily pressed out of the pouch but visibility through the pouch is difficult if you’re trying to put a precise amount in the tire and not the whole packet. The particulates in the sealant looks to have some decent sized granules and it looks promising to seal holes well. Additionally Muc-Off has a UV element that lets you see with a UV light where a puncture is or was when you’re inspecting your tires.

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

Overall we’re impressed with these Muc-Off tubeless valves and the features they’ve packed in a product that many manufacturers just view as a check list item. Muc-Off’s valve system is well thought out and it’s clear they’ve had their fair share of problems with tubeless valves and have provided a product that isn’t just another tubeless valve.

Key Points
  • 4mm wrench / 11mm flat nut to allow for easier removal
  • 44mm or 60mm long
  • Big O-ring used on valve base
  • 8 Colors to pick from
  • Includes 6 rubber adapters to fit various rims
  • Valve cap removes core

, Preview: Muc-Off Tubeless Mountain Bike Valves

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