Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs

4/11/2020 : toni

ENVE Introduces theFoundation Collection and the All-New AM30–US Made Carbon Wheelsets at $1600 USD

April 9, 2020 – Ogden, Utah, USA–ENVE is pleased to introduce the ENVE AM30,a full-carbon all-mountain capable wheelset asthe flagship mountain offering in ENVE’s Foundation Collection. This is a completelynew line of purpose-built, US made carbon wheels priced at $1600 USD, $2899 AUD, $2250 CAD, £1800 and €1800 respectively.

The AM30 pays tribute toENVE’s roots and the original everyday-rideable, all-mountain durable,carbon mountainbikewheel, the ENVE AM.

, Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs

“At ENVE, our missionis to create a better ride experience by offeringproducts that are best-in-class.The Foundation Collection is no different. Because oftheinvestmentswe’ve made in our manufacturing capabilities and technologies over the past 5 years, we can now deliver ENVE’s core technologiesto more riders,” stated ENVE’sManaging Director Jeremy Venz.

, Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs

“The Foundation Collection and its AM30 are exciting products for ENVE. Over the years, we’ve explored ways to make ENVE more accessible. Recently, efficiencies and capabilitiesgained in manufacturing, pairedwith newinnovations in ENVE rim design, haveallowed us to createthe Foundation Collection. Not only does ENVE now offer wheelsets at the $1600 USD price point, but our Foundationlevel wheels are loaded with features, benefits, and a ride feel often reserved for wheels priced well above the Foundation Collection,” commented VP of Product and Brand, Jake Pantone.

, Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs
ENVE Foundation MountainTechnologies

Each wheel in the Foundation Collection features a host of proprietary technologies essential to achieving the best-in-class designation.

New Shape, New Ride Feel– With a unique shape and tuned carbon laminate for gravity-oriented trail riding, the AM30 balances compliance and vibration damping for all-day comfort, while retaining quick cornering, acceleration, and gravity-rated strength. Additionally, offset spoke holesbalance spoke tensions to prevent premature spoke fatigue.

, Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs

The AM30 is a modern mountain wheel in every aspect. With a 30mm internal rim width, the AM30 is designed to support high-volume mountain tires between 2.3” and 2.6”. Given the wheel’s positioning as “trail to enduro”, the AM30 is best paired with modern 110mm to 180mm travel trail bikes. The AM30 is available in both 27.5” and 29” models.

Impact Toughness – Along with the AM30’s new shape and ride-tunecomes an increase in impact toughness. “When it comes to our mountain wheels, impact toughness is priority number one. Regardless of the discipline, an ENVE rim will always strike arefined balance between durability, weight, and ride quality dynamics. The AM30 is no different;in the crowded offering of all-mountain capable trail wheels, the AM30 strikes a uniquebalance between ride-feel and toughness,” stated Clint Child, ENVE’s wheel engineering manager.

Patented Molded Spoke Holes for External Nipples(Patent #US 8,313,155)– Carbon is unique in its ability to supportloads under tension. ENVE’s molded spoke holes maximize these properties by running continuous fibers around each spoke hole and the rim. Because the spoke holes are molded, not drilled, the continuity of the fibers createa rim that is lighter without compromising strength.

, Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs

The new AM30 features external nipples which area notable departure from ENVE’s current mountain offering. “At ENVE, we’re pushing the envelope for carbon rim performance as far as we can. When it comes to the wheel build, we valuereliability over allelse and our molded spoke holes deliver a better wheel-build. With the AM30, the main driver towards the external nipple isthe shallow 20mm cross-section of the rim that is required to achieve the more compliantride-feel we want. When a rim is this shallow, an external nipple is required to prevent the spoke from puncturing the tubeless tape under hard compressions or impacts,” stated Pantone.

, Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs

Wide Hookless Bead – ENVE introduced its WideHookless Bead technology in 2016. This feature,is a larger-than-normal leading edge that dissipates the energy across a larger contact area,improving impact resistanceand preventing slicing through the tubeless tire. “Our carbon wheels are intended to inspire confidence and help rider’s progress in the sport. Over the years, we’ve seen how pinch-flats have negatively impacted rider’s experiences both while riding and racing. The onslaught of tire-inserts is proof of the epidemic that is pinch-flatted tubeless tires. While there are a few insert systems that reduce the likelihoodof pinch-flatting, most are ineffective. Additionally, inserts are heavy, hard to installor remove, and can reduce a rim’s ultimate impact strength. At ENVE, we honor our warranty even if a customer chooses to runs inserts. In short, there is very little about an insert that improves the ride experience. Weight still matters, as do pinch-flat protection and impact toughness. These attributes aren’t mutually exclusive. Our Wide Hookless Bead allows riders to save weight, skip the hassle of inserts, and run the tires and pressures they want to maximize their ride,” Pantone commented.

, Enve releases $1600 USA made carbon wheelset with I9 hubs

Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Warranty –Services like ENVE’s incident protection program and warranty caninfluence a customer’s purchase decision as much as the product’s features, benefits, and price. The 5 Year Warranty protects buyers from defects in materials and workmanship. The Lifetime Incident Protection program protects owners from damage caused to their wheels while riding, crashing, or transporting their bikes. Proof of purchase is required.

The Foundation Collection and the all-new AM30 are available now at ENVE.com and through ENVE retail partners worldwide.

About ENVE
Located in Ogden, Utah, ENVE Composites is a manufacturer of handmade carbon fiber bicycle rims and components. Partnering with the prominent frame builders of our time and the world’s best athletes, ENVE combines the best composite technologies with real world athlete feedback to provide our customers with the ultimate in performance, durability, and quality. ENVE designs and manufactures 100% of their rims in their Ogden, Utah, USA facility


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