SRAM X0 DH Hubs – Seeker Wide flanges, 12×150, 12×157, 20mm x 110

6/11/2015 : sicklines

, SRAM X0 DH Hubs – Seeker Wide flanges, 12×150, 12×157, 20mm x 110

SRAM sent over some details on some new DH hubs they’ve just announced. Fast engagement, wide hubshell, and desigend with gravity riders in mind.

The new SRAM X0 DH hubs are built around strength and durability. Our 52 point ratchet design gives you quick and reliable engagement. The X0 hubs are built with precision machined bearings giving you lower resistance, faster revolutions and no wasted time on drag. The hubs are also convertible to different axle types with removable end caps. From pawl tooth to spoke flanges, we took the extra time on the X0 DH hub so you won’t have to.

  • NEW Rear DH option: 12×150 and 12×157
  • 20×110 interface already available on existing front hub
  • Tapered aluminum axle is stronger without added weight
  • DOUBLE TIME™ mechanism for quick engagement : 52 Points of engagement // 6.9degree engagement
  • SPEEDBALL™ bearings for smooth action
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Glossy black with silver accents and sand-blasted black with red label
  • 3D forged hub shell with SEEKER™ flanges
  • Convertible to all axle types
  • Available in XD™ or 10-speed driver body
  • Weight: 130g (front), 265g (rear)

Features Seeker:
3D forged and machined for lightweight strength, the flanges are angled towards the rim—allowing the spokes to be fully in-line when tensioned. The result:
reduced spoke head breakage and better overall durability.

Pricing starts at $197 USD
Available August 2015

PDF: 2016 SRAM DH Hubs



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