Obtainium Performance: A Proper Titanium Spring

Obtainium Performance Products out of Bellevue, WA has been hard at work developing a new spring that takes the cake in the mountain bike titanium spring market. Using aerospace grade titanium, Obtainium created a superior titanium spring for the mountain bike industry that meets the demands of a multitude of riders and the best part is they’re willing to listen to what you, the rider wants. Obtainium springs offer proper compatibility across most shocks without rubbing/binding, lighter weight, tighter tolerances in spring measurement, and much more. This gives you not only a more accurate spring, but it won’t buckle or wear on the shock body. Details inside.

The Obtainium titanium springs have a 1.5″ inner diameter so they fit the new Rock Shox Vivid! In addition to that, with their Performance Adapters where necessary, the Obtainium spring is also able to fit a bevy of shocks (Fox DHX, Cane Creek, Progressive, Manitou, and more). Obtainium will also be manufacturing 3.5″ stroke springs for those new DH shocks that have a 10.5″ x 3.5″. So rest assured, you will have a lightweight option through Obtainium.

There are many benefits to purchasing an Obtainium titanium spring.

  • Compatibility across all shocks should you change shock manufacturers, or even change a shorter stroke shock.
  • Weight reduction (~ 200-300g savings in a 3″ stroke Vivid setup) without performance sacrifice at a good $/gram conversion
  • A longer lasting spring that will hold spring rate and outlast a steel spring
  • Easier installation of springs on the 3″ stroke Vivid
  • Obtainium utilizes aerospace grade titanium (3-8-6-4-4 Beta-C)
  • A closer true spring rate value to the number printed on the spring (the TI spring is much closer to the actual value on the spring)

(click to enlarge)

Obtainium has designed their system so the user can adapt their springs to most high end shocks by using various Performance Adapters. Obtainium designed their springs free length to allow it to fit 2.5, 2.75 and the 3.00 inch stroke shocks. This gives them the flexibility to increase the range of shocks that a typical spring will fit.

(left) typical steel spring | (right) Obtainium titanium spring with Performance Adapter (click to enlarge)

For example the 3.00″ stroke titanium spring will fit the Vivid with 2.5″ stroke and 2.75″ but will also fit the Vivid 3.00″ with the aid of their Performance Adapter. Not only do the Performance Adapters aid in the fitting of your titanium spring but it also facilitates optimal spring performance. The adapters are made out of Delron which has a very low coefficient of friction to increase the springs performance and make sure the spring is free to move and won’t bind or buckle.

Vivid with Performance Adapter (click to enlarge)

In addition to the compatibility that Obtainium has built into their springs, there’s more… Obtainium will manufacture springs that we, the riders have wanted for a long time with additional precision unseen in most every other TI spring option on the market. Offering quality titanium springs ranging from 200lb to 650lb within ~5% tolerance that fit the most common stroke sizes (2.5″, 2.75″, and 3″) in one spring. This means your TI spring can fit a multitude of shocks should you change bikes, shock manufacturers, or shock stroke’s.
Some of the most popular TI springs Obtainium offers:

200 x 3.00 300 x 3.00 350 x 3.00 375 x 3.00 400 x 3.00 450 x 3.00 500 x 3.00 550 x 3.00 600 x 3.00 650 x 3.00

Previously with some TI springs, compatibility wasn’t that great as there were lots of caveats as they would often rub the shock body. With the Obtainium adapters the springs aren’t restricted so the spring is able to perform freely without rubbing or binding.

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The standard 3″ Vivid steel spring is a pain to install on the shock. You have to compress the spring and wedge the collar in there. With the Obtanium TI spring, there is ample room to fit it without fear of damage or resistance.

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Obtainium also uses aerospace grade titanium that is made here in America. 3-8-6-4-4 Beta-C Titanium. This number represents the makeup of the spring in terms of Al, Va, Cr, Zr, and Mo. Cheaper China grade titanium doesn’t compare. Obtainium uses the same processes that are required by the aerospace industry to produce their TI springs. They cycle test their springs to 50,000 cycles to ensure it will last. In addition to that, if you’re wondering why the Obtainium springs don’t have the typical bead blast shine it is because they have gone through a different process of protecting the spring from alpha case through various acid treatments and clear coating to reduce the chances of alpha case which can possibly lead to a TI spring breakdown. Obtainium can also do various clearcoat colors (clear red / blue / green) should the desire arise.

“The material and processes in the manufacturing of titanium springs are inherently costly and unavoidable. Therefore the costs of titanium springs are not going to change anytime soon. The learning curve in manufacturing titanium springs is rather severe as a result not many spring companies are willing to take this high cost venture. To insure that your titanium spring will out last other titanium springs Obtainium cycle tests their springs to assure your spring will not fail while you using it.”


Part Year Real(g) Pic.
Obtainium 300 x 3″ (also fits 2.5″ & 2.75″) 2008 259
Obtainium 350 x 3″ (also fits 2.5″ & 2.75″) 2008 309
Rock Shox Vivid Steel 350 x 3″ 2008 594
Obtainium 400 x 3″ (also fits 2.5″ & 2.75″) 2008 321
Rock Shox Vivid Steel 400 x 3″ 2008 626
Obtainium Vivid 3″ Stroke Performance Adapter 2008 18
Obtainium FOX DHX Adapters 2008 39


Starting at ~$250.00 You can purchase them directly through Obtainium.

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Lastly Obtainium also reiterates that it is important to note that spring rate is just that, spring rate. If you need a 350lb spring in steel, you will need a 350lb spring in Titanium. A titanium spring is a marvelous place to save weight as it doesn’t reduce the strength or capability of your bike. Chances are it will outlast your bike.

If you’ve got any questions feel free to fire Jim off an email at

jim@obtainiumperformanceproducts.com or phone 206.920.2245

He’ll be happy to field any questions you might have if we can’t answer them for you! They are striving to meet everyone’s needs so if you’ve got a suggestion feel free to drop him a line!

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