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Review: 2014 Giro Chamber Mid Shoe

Giro sent over a pair of their Chamber Mid shoes for us to checkout. Inside you can read some of our thoughts on this shoe after spending some time in them.

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Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture

If you’ve wanted a way to store your bike settings on your IOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) this Bike Setup application might be what you’re after. It allows you to keep track of multiple settings like suspension, tires, and much more across multiple bikes. Check out our quick video review of it inside to see [...]

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Spotlight: 2014 Race Face SixC DH Carbon Crankset

Race Face has been producing their SixC Carbon crankset in-house for some time now. Inside we take a closer look at what the SixC crankset brings to the table.

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Review: 2014 BMC Trailfox TF-01

BMC has come out swinging with their latest bike. Be sure to check out our latest review of their game changing BMC Trailfox TF-01 29er.

[Review: BMC Trailfox TF-01]

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Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar

If you’re riding a 29er, chances are you also have a flat handlebar. Finding a wide flat carbon handlebar can be a challenge but Niner offers a 780mm wide carbon handlebar. We’ve been riding this Niner Flat Top RDO carbon handlebar for awhile now and it’s been awesome to date. More details inside.

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Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

We’ve been using the Pearly Possum socks for well over a year now and we’ve got an update on how they’ve performed. Check out the details inside on these comfy socks that keep delivering in cold weather.

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2013 Zerode G2 Review Part 1 – Frame Details

We’ve been beating on a 2013 Zerode G2 for some time now. Inside we take a look at the 2013 Zerode G2 frameset and show you some of the details of the frameset in part 1 of our review of the Zerode G2.

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Spotlight: 2014 Race Face Next SL – Carbon Fiber CINCH Crankset

Race Face has completely redesigned their Next SL carbon crankset for 2014. Inside we take a look at the new Next SL carbon crankset that features their Cinch (modular) design that makes it quite easy to adapt to a wide variety of bikes and ring configurations.

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Review: Teva Pivot Clipless Shoe

We’ve spent some time with Teva’s newest clipless shoe offering, The Pivot. We have our review of it inside for you all to learn more about as part of our 25 Days of Sickness.

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Review: 2013 Evil Undead – Part 1

We tested out the latest and greatest carbon downhill bike from the EVIL camp this year called the Undead. A beautiful frame no-doubt but how did it ride and hold up this season for us? Check inside to learn more.

[Review: 2013 Evil Undead]

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Spotlight: – Titanium Springs Priced at £100

Sourcing a titanium spring for your mountain bike can prove challenging, especially if you’re after that elusive 25lb increment. We got a hold of a spring recently and got a few details from them on their spring offerings which include offering titanium springs in 25lb increments as well as color options.a

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REVIEW: 2013 Knolly Podium : Part 2

The time has come for you to read the full review on our 2013 Knolly Podium. You may have seen the build in Part 1 already but now you can read the ride impressions of the revamped Podium in Part 2.

[Review:2013 Knolly Podium : Part 2]

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Review: POC Joint DH Long Knee 2.0 Pads

POC Sports has some impressive protection pieces and inside we take a look at their latest Joint DH Long Knee 2.0 pads.  These new pads offer some additional protection and slide-ability with the hard plastic shell over the knee area.  Read more inside.

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Review: 2013 Knolly Podium : Part 1 – The Build

Knolly Bikes reworked their Podium downhill frameset and we decided to build one to see how it stacked up. We had a good experience aboard the previous generation and they’ve really revamped this latest version nicely.  Check out part 1 inside as we show off some of the highlights in a sick little build.

[Review: 2013 Knolly Podium : Part 1 - The Build]

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Spring Time – Kronos ICHU Titanium Spring For Your Bike

Spring Time’s Kronos Titanium Spring It seems like finding a titanium spring for a bike can be quite the challenge for some riders these days. An option we’ve been introduced to recently is the Spring Time brand. Spring Time is offering a TI spring for mountain bikers called the Kronos. It’s a Titanium spring worth [...]

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Review: 2014 Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS

We have expanded our Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS report to include some riding impressions. Check it out as well as a video inside detailing what the DBAir CS is all about.

[2014 Cane Creek DBAir CS]

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2014 Cane Creek Double Barrel Air CS – Climb Switch

Cane Creek has launched a new Double Barrel air shock that gives riders a climbing switch. CS is a climbing mode option that will be available on Double Barrel Air shocks starting September 1st 2013.

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Preview: 2013 Gamut P30s Chainguide

For 2013, Gamut has revamped their popular P30 chainguide. Inside we take a look at what the revisions they’re performed on their popular P30 chainguide to the new P series S-line of guides.

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Review: DSP Bighorn Hydraulic Seat Post

Adjustable seat posts have gained quite a bit of popularity and many manufacturers are building their bikes to work with a wide variety of dropper posts to help their customers get the most out of their biking experience. Inside we take a look at DSP’s Bighorn offering to meet the needs of riders seeking a dropper seat post.

[Review: DSP Bighorn Hydraulic Seat Post]

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Review: 2012 Nukeproof Scalp Comp

Looking to learn more about the Nukeproof Scalp?  Check out our review on the Scalp inside.

[Review: 2012 Nukeproof Scalp Comp]

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Nukeproof Scalp Comp – Downhill Mountain Bike Review

In an age where its hard to find a budget downhill bike, the Nukeproof Scalp brings another great option for riders who are looking for a good value.  The Nuke Proof Scalp has proven itself in the race scene and many riders have enjoyed its performance so far.  Check back tomorrow for a short review [...]

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Review: Renthal – MTB Handlebars Fatbars 30mm – Direct Mount Stem – Push ON Grips – SR4 Chainring

Renthal has been a name in the moto industry for some time and they’ve released numerous products into the mountain bike arena this past year. Check out our thoughts on the Fatbar, SR4, Push On Grips, and Integra stem.

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Review: Pearly’s Possum Socks

Socks aren’t typically the most interesting things to talk about but these deserve some attention given the time of year and their comfort.

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2013 Twenty6 Products f1.2 Stem

Twenty6 Products have revised their trail bike stem for 2013. They’ve labeled it the Twenty6 f1.2. Inside we take a look at it and you can see some detailed photos, product specifications, and a few pictures of their shop in Bozeman, MT where the Twenty6 Products are made.

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Review: GoPole – The Arm – Reverse GoPro Helmet Camera Mount

If you’ve ever wanted a simple solution to capturing a reverse camera shot from your helmet, GoPole has created ‘The Arm’ that does just that. Check it out inside.

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Review: 2012 Pivot Cycles Phoenix – Part 3

We’ve updated the Pivot Phoenix review with some long-term riding impressions. Be sure to check out our full review of the Pivot Phoenix inside as we reflect on what the long travel Pivot Cycles DH bike has to offer.

[Review: 2012 Pivot Cycles Phoenix]

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Review: FOX Digital High Pressure Pump

FOX has released a new digital high pressure pump that we take a look at inside. This new pump gives riders the ability to digitally read their air pressure instead of relying on a traditional gauge.

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Review: 2012 Yeti SB-66 Aluminum

Are you curious how the Yeti SB-66 performed for us? Check out our final update on our Yeti SB-66 review inside.
[Review: Yeti SB-66]

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Review: ODI Lock-On Fork Bumpers FOX 40 and RockShox BoXXer

If you’ve got a FOX 40 or a RockShox BoXXer, ODI makes replaceable fork bumpers that feature a lock on style clamp to ensure they don’t slip out of place. Learn more inside.

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Review: 2012 Niner Bikes W.F.O. 9 – 29er

It’s hard to mention the 29er movement without giving some credence to Niner Bikes as a company. Check out our review of Niner’s W.F.O. 9 inside.

[Review: 2012 Niner W.F.O. 9]

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