100% Armega Forcast Goggle System For Mud / Rain

3/31/2021 : sicklines


The revolutionary forecast system is now available for our flagship goggle, the ARMEGA

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – March 29, 2021 – 100%®, the San Diego-based sports performance company, has launched the ARMEGA Forecast System, an accessory to the ARMEGA goggle, designed to help riders perform to their fullest, in the worst of conditions.

The revolutionary ARMEGA Forecast is a complete mud system comprised of precision engineering that operates seamlessly in the worst conditions. Smoother pulls, wider film, and multiple advanced systems contribute to achieving your goal by providing the maximum amount of vision. Add the revolutionary Forecast Shield for an additional layer of protection. 

The Forecast Shield attaches to the goggle frame over the film system to improve film retention against the lens. This improves resistance to water seepage behind the film and prevents heavier, stickier mud from peeling the film away. Add a stack of tear-off’s to the integrated pins on the shield for an extra layer of confidence when the starting gate drops. Maximize your goggle arsenal by utilizing the advanced ARMEGA rapid-lens changing system and effortlessly swap your UltraHD lenses for a Forecast System in a matter of seconds. 

ARMEGA Forecast Features:

  • 50mm ultra-wide film provides the maximum vertical field of view
  • Transparent mud visor prevents seepage behind the film
  • Multiple canister scrapers clean the film to reduce mud consumption
  • Translucent rear canisters provide easy viewing of remaining film
  • Smooth action film puller provides a rapid cleaning of the entire field of view
  • Overspin limiter keeps film taut at all times to resist turbulent wind release
  • Utilizes the proven ARMEGA rapid lens changing and locking system

For more information about all 100%, visit us online at 100%. 

, 100% Armega Forcast Goggle System For Mud / Rain


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