Landwash (7 of 10) – Race Face Creator Series – Dru Kennedy

10/7/2019 : sicklines

Newfoundland; a massive raw slab surrounded by the frigid North Atlantic waters. An island that defines east coast Canadian culture, where lobster traps and small town bars sit amongst incredible scenic vistas.

But as beautiful as it is, there’s a side of Newfoundland that doesn’t show up on the postcards that – for a small but growing group of passionate riders – truly defines what makes this place so special. A single dirt road runs through a small town, nonexistent cell reception deep within an old logging trail, and ancient rock formations with jagged seams that dominate the landscape.

Ride the rock deep across the island to discover the trails and tales that define this remote island’s budding riding culture and the whatever-it-takes dedication to create a community that will last for generations.

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