KC Dean – Fast Fokus in Fraser River, Canada

3/22/2017 : sicklines

, KC Dean – Fast Fokus in Fraser River, Canada

KC Deane and Fast Fokus teamed up for this RAW video edit in Fraser River, Canada. Check it out inside.


KC Deane finds some incredible, jaw-dropping big mountain lines in BC, Canada. This is a raw video with no music. Only fast and impressive mountain biking with the bike sounds.


“Freeriding has a few places in the world that really stand out. Utah with the desert terrain there being so ideal, some forget about the possibility and the desert in British Columbia. The high desert terrain from Kamloops, all the way up past Williams Lake has very similar dirt to Utah. Mason Mashon and I started riding lines along the Fraser River years ago, and when Mason found this zone 4 years ago we went and started piecing lines together. After years of traveling south to Utah to go freeride it was time to point it north.” —KC Deane

, KC Dean – Fast Fokus in Fraser River, Canada

“The building process took 4 weeks. Luckily KC and Mason had motos to scout the zone and choose the best lines possible. The zone is so vast that the number of lines are infinite! We were like kids in a candy store.” —Damien Vergez

“The filming process was a big challenge. We had 4 days total to shoot and I was alone to shoot. For me, the hardest part of the shooting by far was walking back to the top. You have to walk in the sand all day during 4 days, from Sunrise to Sunset. It’s really steep, sometimes I was almost climbing, carrying 20kg on my back + the big tripod. On top of that it was summer, so in the afternoon the temperature was close to 30°C /85°F in the shade, which is 50°C / 120°F in the sun. For KC it was the same, carrying a DH bike on his back. You don’t want to miss the shot and ask him to do one more. It was a hard shooting for sure, but with a lot of good memories. Camping in the middle of nowhere, watching the supermoon rise behind the trees and a meteors shower. It was amazing.” —Damien Vergez

Directed and Edited : Damien Vergez / FASTFOKUS
Rider : KC Deane
Sound Mix and Design: Keith White Audio Special Thanks: Mason Mashon


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