RockyMounts – New Line of Bike Locks – Hendrix, Compton, Pivot

9/21/2016 : sicklines

RockyMounts has some new products for 2017 including 24 bike security products. Check out some of the details inside.

RockyMounts Unveils New Line of Bike Locks at Interbike

Collection of 24 bike security products its first foray outside of the rack category

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Sept. 20, 2016 – RockyMounts, the company that’s stoked to carry your prized possessions, is now stoked to secure them, too. The Boulder-based company will expand its offerings beyond the rack category by introducing a line of 24 bike locks at this week’s Interbike International Bicycle Expo.

“Our customers have been trusting us to secure their bikes for decades,” said Bruno Maier, the company president. “This expansion from racks to bike security is a logical application of our design skill and expertise, and something that adds value for our dealer partners.”

He continued, “We offer high quality products and solid margins in a clean product line that makes doing business with RockyMounts more efficient. One of the innovative products is the Pivot, a hinged U-lock, and we have packaging that’s elegant and eye-catching. Finally, the RockyMounts brand is well established with cycling enthusiasts.”

The collection, developed by company founder and lead product designer Bobby Noyes, includes one folding lock, nine U-locks, nine cable locks, two chain locks, and three padlocks. Each item has a company-assigned security rating ranging from 1 for use in a low crime, residential area, to 10 for use in a high-density, urban setting.

RockyMounts Compton U-Lock

The locks are made of a variety of materials including hardened steel, stainless steel, and alloy and range in price from $9.95 to $149.95, with the majority of the collection having an MSRP between $24.95 and $39.95 and appealing to commuters, college students, and family-oriented riders.

At the top of the line, the Compton Large U-lock is designed for nontraditional lockup scenarios in high-density urban areas and has a security rating of 10. This heavy duty lock features an 18mm shackle and base and measures 4.5″ by 7.28″, making it the largest U-lock available. It is made of CNC-machined, non-corrosive 304 stainless steel and coated with clear rubber to prevent frame damage. MSRP is $149.95.

, RockyMounts – New Line of Bike Locks – Hendrix, Compton, Pivot

, RockyMounts – New Line of Bike Locks – Hendrix, Compton, Pivot

RockyMounts Pivot U-Lock

For students and commuters in university and suburban settings, RockyMounts developed the Pivot family of U-locks, which are made of hardened steel and have a security rating of 6. The two Pivot size options both feature an easy-to-operate hinged design, rubber-coated grips, and silicone lock covers. They come with bike frame mounting brackets and three keys each. The standard Pivot, MSRP $34.95, measures 3.5″ by 5.1″ and the Pivot Large, MSRP $39.95, is 4.5″ by 7.25″. The standard Pivot is also available with a 4′ braided steel cable for MSRP $39.95.

RockyMounts Hendrix Lock The most ergonomically designed lock in the collection is the sleek Hendrix folding lock, made of 5mm rubber-coated steel plates. The Hendrix, security rated as a 7, features push button, spring-loaded engagement for easy opening and locking, and folds to the size of a small water bottle when not in use. Unfolded, it measures 27″ in length and is as secure as a U-lock. It includes three keys and a water bottle cage mounting bracket for MSRP $69.95.

, RockyMounts – New Line of Bike Locks – Hendrix, Compton, Pivot

RockyMounts promises significant incentives for dealers to place preseason orders at Interbike, such as discounts, dating, multiple ship windows, and multi-category discounting to carry both locks and racks. All preseason programs are available in RockyMounts’ Interbike booth, 12184, or by contacting their newly appointed sales director, Rod Judd, at [email protected], or (303) 402-0190.

For more information about RockyMounts and its products, please visit www.rockymounts.com.


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