Alexandre Fayolle joins Polygon UR team // Rally Moto and DH Video

12/2/2015 : sicklines

, Alexandre Fayolle joins Polygon UR team // Rally Moto and DH Video

United Ride has a new rider on their team for 2016 and his name is Alexandre Fayolle. Learn more about him inside and watch the video to see more!

“ The team has always wanted to help develop young talent so as we begin to look towards 2016 the team will keep following that direction. With that in mind we are excited to introduce our new rider :

Alexandre Fayolle is a 20 year old Frenchman with a top 10 Elite at the last World Cup in Val Di Sole. Alex, with a background in MX and Rally, is known for his wild and fearless style.

“ My passion for speed and mechanical sport came from my Dad. Since I was a kid he always took me to watch rallying and at 4 he offered me my first Moto!. Since then I became a speed junky! I always push harder and harder racing my mountain bike or training on my motorbike or rally car. I’m really proud and exited to be supported by a team such as Polygon UR ”

“ If you have been on the side of world cup tracks you cannot have missed Alexandre because he is so wild! Perhpas there are a lot of people that are winning practice but when you finish top 10 as a privateer at Val di Sole, you have definitely something special. – Fabien Cousine

It’s an exciting time for us we will keep you in touch with more news soon , we can’t wait to get going in 2016!

Welcome, Alex!


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