Race Face Turbine Dropper Seat Post Announced

8/19/2015 : sicklines

Race Face has announced their new Turbine dropper post that uses a hybrid design coupling mechanical and hydraulic locking technologies Check it out inside.

Introducing the Turbine Dropper Post: A patented hybrid design that couples mechanical and hydraulic locking technologies, inspired by MTB disc brakes. The rider’s body weight is supported with a mechanical lock; meaning a solid connection and less potential for failure over time. Lower air pressures and static seals offer unrivaled performance, control, and reliability. Turbine also operates in below-freezing temperatures making it perfect for Fat Bikes and cold weather riding. Less down time for service equals more saddle time on the trails.

, Race Face Turbine Dropper Seat Post Announced


  • Internal cable routing.
  • Infinite-adjust within stroke.
  • Race Face proven Hunter Head 2-bolt design.
  • Quick Connector allows easy, tool-free disconnection.
  • Left or right mount universal thumb lever remote (included).
  • Remote uses standard shifter cable and housing.
  • Functions at full capacity in below-freezing conditions (i.e. suitable for Fat Bikes & winter riding).
  • 1x Front shifter style hop-up lever available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange.
  • SIZE: 30.9, 31.6mm
  • LENGTH: 350, 375, 415, 440mm
  • TRAVEL: 100, 125, 150mm
  • LEVER ACTUATION: Mechanical
  • HEAD TYPE: Zero Offset
  • WEIGHT: 495 grams (30.9x440x150mm w/o lever)
  • COLOUR: Black
  • 1X Hop-up Lever Upgrade Options: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple

, Race Face Turbine Dropper Seat Post Announced

In addition to the standard lever you see above, the 1X hop up levers pictured below also are designed to work in the front shifter position.  The return speed is adjustable via an air valve and you can see more detailed shots of the post and its mechanisms in the gallery., Race Face Turbine Dropper Seat Post Announced

If you’re into trading cards for yourself or your kids, Race Face also has trading cards similar to baseball cards that you might be interested in.

, Race Face Turbine Dropper Seat Post Announced

The Race Face Atlas pedals are doing well and come in a multitude of color options.

, Race Face Turbine Dropper Seat Post Announced

If you’ve been waiting for the new Race Face Atlas cranks, they’ll be shipping soon as well featuring their CINCH system that gives these cranks quite a bit of modularity for swapping chainrings rings, spiders, adjusting for bottom bracket widths, and more.
, Race Face Turbine Dropper Seat Post Announced

See more of the Race Face range at www.raceface.com


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