Polygon United Ride – UCI WC#1 Leogang and 26Trix

6/17/2015 : sicklines

, Polygon United Ride – UCI WC#1 Leogang and 26Trix
The Polygon United Ride team sent over their latest report and video from Leogang and 26Trix. Check it out inside.

Leogang welcome every year a MTB DH world cup stop and the slopestyle event 26Trix. Polygon UR team had a rough week end in Leogang with up and down. But that’s why we love racing. We wondered how we could make a race report when it’s a tough time so we asked our riders what they think about it. We tried something new this week, hope you will like it.

How to make a race report ? Leogang WC and 26TRIX from UR Team on Vimeo.

After an pretty long trip from Scotland to Austria the team is now in Leogang for the 3rd World cup stage and the 26 Trix.

Rémy with a clean and smooth run did his best ever quali results 9th spot. During his race run a mechanical issue put him out the race he was definitely on the pace this week end what a shame.

Tracey took a nice 4th place in quali with a conservative run. During her race run she rides smooth and a little to safe to fight for the podium and end up in 6th place at only 0,60 of the podium.

, Polygon United Ride – UCI WC#1 Leogang and 26Trix

For the men race Mick still sore from his broken hand and didn’t feel at 100% of his potential now it’s time for him to rest and prepare his come back for the next World cup even stronger and anger of results.

Photos: Dave Trumpore

Andrew was definitely fast on the track his 4th in time training was not a surprise this track suit him. During his qualification run a massive crash put him out and he didn’t qualified.

The 26Trix

, Polygon United Ride – UCI WC#1 Leogang and 26Trix

Loic pass the pre qualification with a very impressive run at 4th places.
The level was very height and the density impressive unfortunately Loic finished at the 15th spot of quali only 3 places to get to the final.Sam quali 5th with a run that only him know the secret.
The final was insane the level crazy and each run full of surprise Sam put out few crazy trix and manager to win a place from his quali.
A good 4th place at the bottom of the podium but such a good run Sam!

Now on to Schladming for the IXS cup.

We love racing and we love the challenges let’s capitalized on this hard time to push harder and soon being back on top of the game.


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