Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture

2/17/2014 : sicklines

If you’ve wanted a way to store your bike settings on your IOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) this Bike Setup application might be what you’re after. It allows you to keep track of multiple settings like suspension, tires, and much more across multiple bikes. Check out our quick video review of it inside to see what it can do.

The Bike Setup IOS application is a handy tool that allows you to document the settings you use on your bike. The application is lightweight and all data resides on your phone so even if you don’t have internet access it will still work. All data is inputted by you as well so there is no pre-set data to help expedite data entry.

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The first step is adding a bike.  Inside of the app you then select a picture off your phone to use as the background and input

  • Bike Make/Model
  • Front Fork
  • Front Travel
  • Rear Shock Make and Model
  • Rear Travel
  • Rear Shock eye to eye
  • Rear shock stroke
  • Avg Leverage Ratio
  • Bike Weight
  • Rider weight
  • Other

, Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture

, Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture, Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture
After a bike is added, you then begin to document the settings in a few areas.  Each setup can be custom named to help you identify it easier.

5 areas you can document in each setup:

  1. Front Suspension
  2. Rear Suspension
  3. Tires
  4. Testing Location
  5. Overall Rating (1 to 5)

, Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture, Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture

You can add multiple setups as well so you can document your favorite settings on a single bike through multiple entries. This is handy as you can document your feedback based on changes you or mother nature make. Each section allows you to also indicate feedback on how good or bad the setup is.

They’ve done a nice job of capturing most all of the settings that most riders might use in a log book but in a digital method.  There may be a few things missing depending on your setup as they don’t have a specific field for some items like HSR in the fork settings or bottom out volume to name a few.  Most of the fields accept any type of data so you can easily use one field for two entries or use the other field to document this data.

, Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture, Review: iOS Bike Setup Application by App-uncture

The data can be edited or deleted easily as well should you want to modify your thoughts or reduce the clutter you may have created with multiple entries. The data you enter is presented in the order that it was added  so when you add new bikes or setups, they will appear in the order they were added. It would’ve been nice to be able to re-adjust the order of the entries.

There’s a lot of ways we think this app could be improved but i’ts a great asset to have as it stands currently. It’d be nice to be able to duplicate setup entries, enable setup sharing (email / social), as well as allowing sorting to name a few things. Overall though this is a great tool to have. Hopefully they continue to improve it and add additional functionality over time.


  • Price: $0.99 via the iTunes store
  • Easy to quickly save / document your favorite settings
  • Nice to have your settings on your phone that most people always have versus a specific log-book

Things to consider:

  • Not designed for public sharing setting easily (email / social websites)
  • Everything has to be manually entered

website: www.bike-setup.com


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