Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal

12/26/2013 : sicklines

Point One Racing has improved their popular Podium pedal this year with the Podium 2. The new Podium 2 pedal sees numerous improvements that should have you clamoring for your wallet quickly.

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal

Podium 2 - Point One Racing

If you’re not familiar with Point One Racing you should be. They make some awesome components that we’re big fans of including this new Podium 2 pedal. They took a lot of what everyone loved with the first Podium pedal and improved upon that design.

Point was one of the first companies to really re-think the way pedals were designed and manufactured. Made in the USA, they offered a truly premium pedal that took a different course from most every other pedal maker when they stepped into the scene. Their unique bearing placement near the crankarm and thinness drew a lot of praise and it wasn’t long that the competition also stepped up their game and came up with similar designs.

Compared to the previous Podium pedal, these share a similar foot profile but in a much more svelte package.

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal

Podium and Podium 2 Pedal

The Podium 2 sees a number of improvements including

  • A new bearing design with 2 piece axle
  • Thinner
  • Lighter
  • A stronger design overall and improved bearing design
  • Reduced pedal hump near the crankarm
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Custom hollow traction studs with an M5 thread (you can now use a 2.5mm allen to remove/install pins)
  • Huge chamfer with 3mm leading edge around the body to help glance off impacts
  • Studs moved slightly from the outboard of the pedal to reduce rock-pin interaction
  • Titanium Axle and Stud options are coming soon
  • Improved mud shedding

$169.00 preorder, $189.00 after in black, or raw (pictured)

We got a set in a short while ago to play with and if you’re lucky enough to get a set of these pedals you’ll easily be impressed. The pedal is refined quite a bit and the first thing you’ll notice is how thin and light these pedals are.

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal

We received ours with steel studs and steel axle. They’ll come standard with a steel axle but with some custom 7075 aluminum traction pins that are even lighter than the steel ones we’ve got on here as well as 1mm longer. The rugged pins aren’t designed to necessarily break away but will wear down with impacts.

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal

These new Podium 2 pedals are thin to say the least. The 3mm chamfer’s on the ends will certainly help these pedals glance off of rocks/impacts.

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal

OG Podium - Podium 2- Race Face Atlas - Spank Spike

Check out the comparison shot of the Podium original pedal on the far left, Podium 2, Race Face Atlas 2014 pedal, and the Spike Spank pedal show just how reduced the bump is on the Point pedal as well as how thin it is comparatively.

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal

The Podium 2 pedal also has reduced pocketing so there’s less chance for mud or dirt to hover on this new pedal.


Weight wise with all of the steel pins, and steel axle ours rang in at 302.9g. Removing 4 pins from our set for our preferred pin setup dropped the weight 3g.  Once the aluminum traction pins go in these will be even lighter.  There is an optional Ti axle is also coming as well.

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal


The Point One Podium 2 pedal is sure to be a winner amongst flat pedal fans. We’ll let you know how we get along with ours as time progresses but so far they’ve been quite impressive. Lighter, strong, thinner, and improved traction pins are the highlights.

Learn more about Point One Racing products at


and pointoneracing.com

, Point One Racing – 2014 Podium 2 Pedal


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