Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar

12/24/2013 : sicklines

, Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar

If you’re riding a 29er, chances are you also have a flat handlebar. Finding a wide flat carbon handlebar can be a challenge but Niner offers a 780mm wide carbon handlebar. We’ve been riding this Niner Flat Top RDO carbon handlebar for awhile now and it’s been awesome to date. More details inside.

Words / Photos : Jason Nixon

RDO Details:

  • 31.8mm bar
  • 780mm width with cut-down marks to 720mm
  • Bar-end compatible
  • +/- 5mm rise via Flat Top Design, 9º Sweep
  • 195g (full 780 width)
  • Backed by Niner’s C5 Carbon warranty

Currently the options available for wide carbon handlebars are quite limited in our opinion. Niner developed a new handlebar as they saw riders asking for a wider flat carbon handlebar. Certainly there exists options for aluminum flat handlebars but most of them aren’t this wide. There are a few wide flat options from K9, Nuke Proof, and Kore who make 800mm flat aluminum handlebars.

, Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar

We’ve added to the RDO family in a “big” way. The Flat Top RDO 780mm Handlebar features the same shape and carbon tuning for ride quality and comfort as all of Niner’s carbon components – all backed up with our C5 Carbon Warranty – a 5 year guarantee. – Niner Bikes

Construction wise, the carbon bars have a slightly roughed center area to help clamp the bars to the stem. Additionally there are indicator marks centrally to help you get the bars turned to your ideal position. At the end of the bars are pre-labeled cut marks to help cut it down.

We’d highly recommend you try the 780mm setup for a few rides before cutting it to experience what you’ll be missing. Most riders may not realize what a wider bar can do for their riding and it’d be a shame to pass up this free opportunity to try out a wide bar just because your current bar is much narrower.

, Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar

The 780mm wide Niner Flat Top RDO bar is available in a few colors (Rally Blue, Niner Green, Moondust Grey, and Niner Orange). Coloring and logoing is pretty minimal as well so it melds easily on non-Niner bikes in our opinion. We put one on a Stumpjumper Expert Evo earleir this year and have had nothing but good things to report back on it. Typically i’m used to wide bars on downhill bikes so this was a welcome addition to the longer travel trail bike. The additional width helps give additional control and leverage in just about every situation. Single Speed riders should also consider this bar as it helps give you additional leverage that is oh so wonderful.

, Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar

A wide bar can have a few setbacks to it, the primary one being fitting on various trails. With Enduro taking off and trails becoming wider in general I haven’t noticed any major issues with running this 780mm wide handlebar even on the occasional XC loop but your mileage may vary depending on your trails. The Niner bar has cut marks painted on the bars to allow you to cut it down should you need to.

When installing carbon parts I’ve always use this FSA Carbon installation grease. It helps ensure good even torque and grip as the grease has small silicone balls inside of the grease to give improved adhesion so the smooth carbon doesn’t slip once installed.  It also helps give some additional protection for the parts. The bars have been silent for all of almost 9 months now on our Twenty6 F1.2 stem.  No creaking or annoying sounds coming from this area. If you’re keen to pick some up for yourself you can buy a small pouch from Jenson USA for only $3.99 or a bigger tub like this for $25.99.  Highly recommended.

, Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar

Niner sells the Flat Top RDO carbon handlebar for $199. If that’s not within your budget, they also offer an aluminum version (Flat Top Alloy) that is just as wide for only $49.00

Weight wise, the Niner Flat Top RDO carbon handlebars are quite light and our bar weighed in at only 193.2g. You can see additional verified weights in our weights section.

Overall we’ve been quite pleased with the Niner Flat Top RDO carbon handlebar. It’s a nice clean wide flat handlebar that has offered us no hassles to date.  It’s been on a 150mm Stumpjumper 29er EVO for some time now and  has been beat on across some rough terrain including drops, jumps, Enduro races, and more. It shows  little to no sign of wear or fatigue and we’ll be running it for some time to come as it’s wide stance and comfort is quite welcomed.

Learn more about Niner’s full range of products at ninerbikes.com

, Review: Niner Flat Top RDO 780mm Wide Carbon Handlebar


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