Greg Minnaar Podiums at Fort William BDS #2

5/14/2013 : sicklines

, Greg Minnaar Podiums at Fort William BDS #2

The small town of Fort William, Scotland was a buzz all week with sports events starting with the 102nd running of the Scottish Six Day Trial event and concluded on Sunday with the Saracen British Downhill Series race. There is only one man in the world that could compete in both, and that of course is Steve Peat!  Read the Syndicate report inside.

, Greg Minnaar Podiums at Fort William BDS #2

It was exciting to watch Steve assaulting the steep, rocky mountain stream trail at the foot of Ben Nevis on his trials bike, then go back to the mountain bike track to see Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland honing their craft! Greg went on to podium in 4th, Josh in 6th, Steve in 28th and Santa Cruz rider Cedric Gracia whipped it up for 22nd .

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, Greg Minnaar Podiums at Fort William BDS #2

A weary Steve comments about his week, “I’ve been coming up to the Six Day Trial with my Dad since I was a child. It was great to come ride it for my second time, but it happened to overlap on the same weekend as the BDS.

I finished the trial in 107th place on Saturday, and on Sunday did my two downhill runs before the final with my Syndicate teammates. And as you can imagine, my V-10 felt nothing like my Beta! I put together a good run for the quali’s, but my body was physically sore. Big thanks to the Syndicate mechanics, Sessy, and especially my Mum and Dad who came and supported me each day of the Six Day Trial!”

, Greg Minnaar Podiums at Fort William BDS #2

Greg felt happy achieving his objectives saying, “It’s been a good few days coming in to Ft. Bill to get my bikes set up and ready for the world cup season. We finally found a set up I was comfortable on. We came here more for preparation, so if you see it that way we achieved a lot this weekend and I was happy with my riding.”


1 29 Danny HART 4:46.880
2 30 Gee ATHERTON 4:47.745
3 1 Matt SIMMONDS 4:48.178
4 55 Greg MINNAAR 4:48.460
5 17 Marc BEAUMONT 4:48.482
6 7 Josh BRYCELAND 4:48.983
7 2 Adam BRAYTON 4:49.998
8 82 Samuel BLENKINSOP 4:50.581
9 9 Harry HEATH 4:51.910
10 86 Greg WILLIAMSON 4:52.098

Josh was also pleased, “The weekend was really productive and my bike is well set up for the world cup now. I really enjoyed my time with the team and feel my riding is where it should be.”

, Greg Minnaar Podiums at Fort William BDS #2

Thanks to Si Paton and his crew for putting on a great race, especially with the changing weather conditions. Next up for Syndicate is the first Enduro World Series in Punta Ala, Italy. Everyone is really excited to launch this new series!


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