Video: ‘iPhone Rough Cuts’ with Fabien Barel

4/11/2013 : sicklines

, Video:  ‘iPhone Rough Cuts’ with Fabien Barel

The first in a new series of ‘iPhone Rough Cuts’ Steve Jones explores the concept of flow and how to achieve it with Fabien Barel.  They even delve into the topic of speed generation on the 26″ / 29″ debate slightly into how they generate/maintain speed.

Fabien is an eloquent speaker and very passionate about the sport of mountain biking and what it takes to go fast. Watch the legend reveal some of his thoughts on flow, speed, and how to go fast. This year he has made the jump to the Canyon Enduro team and we’re excited to see what Fabien can do on an enduro bike.


The next episodes in the series include some more top names in downhill and enduro, Hart & Clementz are in there to name a couple.


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