Review: FOX Digital High Pressure Pump

10/16/2012 : sicklines

FOX has released a new digital high pressure pump that we take a look at inside. This new pump gives riders the ability to digitally read their air pressure instead of relying on a traditional gauge.

, Review: FOX Digital High Pressure Pump

This is the FOX Digital High Pressure Pump.  It offers riders the ability to fine tune their air pressure in their suspesnion easily and accurately.  The large digital display reads pressures up to 300 psi and has a retail price of $69.99.

The main features include

  • 0.5psi increments below 100 psi and 1 psi increments above 100 psi
  • Ability to read 0-300 psi
  • Units can be displayed in psi, bar, kPa, and kg/cm2
  • Automatic shut off after 1 minute
  • Pressure release button to allow air to be removed while getting to the right psi
  • 360 degree rotating hose with an extended Schrader valve tip


  • $69.99

We’ve been playing with this digital shock pump for some time and its nice to see FOX realize the benefit of strapping a digital gauge onto a pump.  With traditional shock pumps, reading the dial can be quite the challenge and getting proper readings if you’re not at the tick marks can be a bit ambiguous, especially if you’re borrowing someone’s pump.  The FOX digital pump alleviates the annoyance with reading the dial into a big digital display.  In addition to easier readability, its easier to get your suspension set up the same every time.  Previously we’d use an external digital gauge to check fork / shock pressure but there are some limitations with these devices as they’re hard to get in tight areas sometimes and their range can vary.   The FOX digital pump simplifies this step nicely.

, Review: FOX Digital High Pressure Pump

The pump is easy to grasp and the large digital head gives some support when you’re in the higher psi range.  The FOX aluminum air shaft is a little bit narrow so getting into the higher psi ranges isn’t as easy in comparison to some other pumps we’ve used that were bigger, but it works well enough outside of needing a little bit more effort.  The extended Schrader valve tip also helps get the valve lined up and attached to valves and helps get to valves that are deeper or hard to reach.

, Review: FOX Digital High Pressure Pump

Overall we’d recommend FOX’s Digital High Pressure Pump as it is a cinch to read and use.  It provides a great value for riders of all types no matter what bike you’re on (provided it uses air pressure).  It’s available now, so get one if you’re keen on dialing in your suspension accurately.


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Visit ridefox.com for more info.


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