2013 Schwalbe Super Gravity Tires

9/24/2012 : sicklines

, 2013 Schwalbe Super Gravity Tires

In addition to adding a variety of new 650 tires to their lineup for 2013, Schwalbe has announced a new tire construction option called Super Gravity that they’ve been working on that will trickle to other models. The main selling feature they’ve got is a robust downhill capable sidewall in a lightweight package at sub 1000g.

The Super Gravity series tires are initially going to be available in a Hans Dampf tread in a variety of compounds and sizes. They have been piloted by the likes of Steve Smith and the Giant Factory Offroad Team already to victory numerous times. Initially they tested these at milder tracks like Pietermaritzburg and Sea Otter where they’ve seen great success under their test pilots.  Watch the video below to learn more about the Super Gravity tire.


, 2013 Schwalbe Super Gravity Tires

Lighter than a downhill tire (~995g), tubeless ready, and a new carcas.  Schwalbe will be offering this tire in all of their compounds for 26″.

, 2013 Schwalbe Super Gravity Tires

Hans Dampf

It will be available in a Hans Dampf 26 x 2.35 PaceStar, TrailStar, and a VertStar as well as a 27.5 (650b) 2.35″ TrailStar to start.

, 2013 Schwalbe Super Gravity Tires

Schwalbe engineers looked at the motorcycle tire industry and developed the Super Gravity to build a completely new type of carcass that is not only lighter than a downhill tire but provides similar support.  The double carcas style Super Gravity tire provides downhill sidewalls but a lighter middle portion to keep the weight down.

, 2013 Schwalbe Super Gravity Tires

The result yields four rugged layers at the side, but only two under the tread, which means four layers fewer than you get with a tyre purely for downhill. To make this casing cut-resistant, Schwalbe’s engineers coated the entire carcass with a layer of SnakeSkin. The SnakeSin is flexible and tough.  The mesh is cut-resistant and gives better rolling resistance because of its light weight.

Expect to see the Super Gravity lineup make its way across other Schwalbe tires in the future.


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