Eurobike 2012: FOX Intelligent Ride Dynamics – IRD – Iphone and Android App

8/28/2012 : sicklines

, Eurobike 2012: FOX Intelligent Ride Dynamics – IRD – Iphone and Android App

At Interbike 2011, FOX was showing off their smart pump and since then it has evolved quite a bit. The new IPhone / IPad / Android apps have been submitted and should be available in the respective app-stores soon and will be free. Check inside to learn a bit more about what you can do on this final version of the free app.

The Smart Pump that was shown at Interbike 2011 has evolved into a free application that you can use on your mobile device without the need of an expensive pump accessory.

The app assists riders in setting their sag properly as well as rebound quickly and also has the ability to save the inside the app. Currently this system works with 2013 FOX 32/34 series forks as well as most float shocks so long as they have a 4 digit code.

To measure the sag, the application has a silhouetted shape of the fork or shock that you line up with the camera. After it finds the O-Ring it will then give you recommended changes to get your sag correct.

, Eurobike 2012: FOX Intelligent Ride Dynamics – IRD – Iphone and Android App

Rebound setting is also suggested as well in part of the app’s functionality. Each field is also user editable so you can save your custom settings just as well.

This will help riders setup two very key components when it comes to suspension setup. Additional functionality and more FOX models will be added as they have time as well.  They’ve got some neat ideas to share settings based on location, friends, and more in future updates.

, Eurobike 2012: FOX Intelligent Ride Dynamics – IRD – Iphone and Android App

Once you’ve completed all the steps, you are able to save your settings.  The App is lightweight so using it trailside isn’t a problem.  So long as you have entered in the 4 digit code beforehand, no internet access is necessary to use this application.

If you have more than one bike, set each one with its own profile. Carrying more gear? That increased load means you’ll need to adjust your sag—save multiple setups for a single bike. Save as many different setups and profiles as you like, and always have the perfect setup for every ride.


  • Exclusive, live camera overlay sets sag properly
  • Smart technology predicts rebound damping setting
  • Create profiles for multiple bicycles
  • Save multiple setups for each bike
  • Unlimited profile/setup combinations

It would be nice to see additional functionality built in to record additional settings in the future as this could be a handy way to keep track of all your shock settings across multiple bikes.

Since the app depends on the visibility of the O-Ring and the base of the shaft/stanchion, the use of this on a bike that has an obscured view of the shock might make this application harder to use when measuring the sag.

If you haven’t read up on the 2013 FOX Racing Shox products, check out our post from earlier this year to learn more.


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