2022 Canyon Bikes New Torque Models CF 7 / CF8

12/6/2021 : sicklines


DECEMBER 06, 2021 — How do you improve a bike that can already hit huge jump lines, race the Enduro World Series, and max out the stoke meter of park rats everywhere?

That’s what we asked ourselves when we sat down to redesign the Torque. The result is a one-bike answer to a full season of shredding at the Whistlers, Queenstowns and Morzines of the world. The new Torque can roll steep tech at speed, throw shapes off kickers, and boost trail-side lips. It’s a long-travel machine that’s stable at pace, playful at the park, and still makes quick(ish) work of big climbs when there’s no shuttle truck or chairlift in sight.

, 2022 Canyon Bikes New Torque Models CF 7 / CF8
Canyon Torque CF8 Mullet

We completely updated the Torque’s geometry. The new models feature slacker headtube angles, reduced offset forks, longer reach, and steeper seat tube angles. The frame is stiffer, more durable and, yes, it fits a bottle cage. The changes all come together to make a bike that is faster, more maneuverable, has better traction, and is ready for the long, steady climbs that lead to the top of the burliest trails.

, 2022 Canyon Bikes New Torque Models CF 7 / CF8

The new Torque is offered in both aluminum and carbon versions. In the United States, Canyon USA will offer three Torque models—the $3,299 Torque AL 5, the $4,399 Torque CF 7, and the $5,399 Torque CF 8 Mullet.

, 2022 Canyon Bikes New Torque Models CF 7 / CF8
Canyon Torque CF7

Since we just mentioned a “mullet” model, it’s worth noting the the AL 5 and CF 7 models will feature size Small bikes shod with 27.5” wheels. Sizes Medium through X-Large of both the AL 5 and CF 7 models will rock 29” wheels front and rear.

The CF 8 Mullet bike will be available in sizes Medium through X-Large. Nope, no size Small for the Mullet bike.

Riders in countries outside of the United States can choose from six different Torque models–with the aforementioned full 29er option on sizes M-XL, plus two Mullet models and 27.5” wheels on a wider size range of Torque models. You’ll find complete spec information on the entire Global range within the 2022 Torque press kit.

The improvements to the Torque’s versatility don’t stop with geometry updates and wheelsize options. Weighing in at 3,250 grams, the Torque AL frame loses 250 grams (over its predecessor) while gaining strength, stiffness, and performance across the board.

The Torque CF outpunches its predecessor too. Weighing in at 2,652 grams, the bike’s full carbon-fiber frame is surprisingly light for a park bike with at least 170 mm of travel. More impressive still, Canyon created such a lightweight frame while still improving the stiffness-to-weight ratio. The new chassis meets the same Category 5 rating as the Downhill World Cup-winning Sender and aptly handles the rigors of freeriding and regular laps at the bike park.

, 2022 Canyon Bikes New Torque Models CF 7 / CF8

The Torque CF 8 Mullet bike is built for riders who prefer things steep and steezy. The big front wheel holds speed and rolls over just about anything in its path while the smaller rear hoop lets riders swing off the back on steeper trails without worrying about buzzing the tire. The “business in the front, party in the back” setup also get a little extra help with on-trail traction courtesy of a Fox coil-sprung shock.

The complete Torque family will debut on canyon.com on December 6, 2021 with the earliest models arriving before Spring gets underway.

, 2022 Canyon Bikes New Torque Models CF 7 / CF8
Canyon Torque CF5


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