Niner E9 Series WFO & RIP Electric Mountain Bike EBike

7/7/2020 : sicklines

Images: Niner/David Meadows

Fort Collins, Colorado (July 7, 2020) –Niner Bikes is pleased to announce the all new e9 series of Bosch powered e-mountain bikes. The 150mm travel RIP e9 and the 180mm travel WFO e9 represent the first e-bikes in Niner’s history. 

“From ‘day one’ in 2005, we started making 29ers because they genuinely improved our ride, allowing riders to pedal faster, smoother, farther, stronger, and feel more confident,” said company founder Chris Sugai. “Today in 2020, our mission hasn’t changed one bit. With the e9 MTB series, we’re upping the fun factor, offering new ways to Pedal, Damn It! and maintaining our signature ride quality and Niner style.”

The RIP e9 and WFO e9 mountain bikes are powered by the recently updated, best-in-class, 4th generation Bosch Performance Line CX drive systems.

These motors set the benchmark for fastest torque processing speed, durability, reliability, and a global service network. Paired with 625 Wh batteries, they’re ready to offer up 85Nm of torque and roll on average 50mi (80km) between charges.

, Niner E9 Series WFO & RIP Electric Mountain Bike EBike
Read the full Niner e9 product document here.
, Niner E9 Series WFO & RIP Electric Mountain Bike EBike
9 things you need to know:
  1. Two all-new e9 electric mountain bikes: the 150mm travel RIP e9  and 180mm travel WFO e9.
  2. Fourth generation Bosch Performance Line CX motors for smooth, predictable power, lighter weight, compact size, and best in class service.
  3. One-piece, cast and post-machined alloy motor mounts for strength and stiffness.
  4. Integrated 625wh Power Tube batteries for extended range.
  5. Built with Niner design, engineering, and DNA, for rider-focused performance and handling.
  6. Tested tough for years of durability and riding duty on dirt, backed by our lifetime warranty. 
  7. Externally accessible downtube batteries for easy charging and transport.
  8. Niner-tuned Horst link suspension systems optimize kinematics for the specific demands of eMTB riding.
  9. “Right side up” trunnion mount shocks with bearings in rocker link minimize rotational friction for supple, ground-gripping suspension.
The 150mm-travel RIP e9 – Retail $5995
, Niner E9 Series WFO & RIP Electric Mountain Bike EBike

The freedom to ride more dirt, more often = more fun.The best way we can think of to improve a ride on the dirt is to stay out longer, go a little farther, summit the climb sooner, or just make a ride happen, period. Our new 150mm-travel RIP e9 29er checks all those boxes. It’s a quick, mid-travel trail bike for picking off mid-week missions and day-long excursions alike.

We start with a welded 6061 aluminum frame and a one-piece motor mount that unifies the upper and lower pivot locations with the shock mount for exceptional stiffness. Forged seat- and chainstay yokes, rocker arm, hollowed dropouts, plus our signature Enduro Max Black Oxide pivot bearings make this all-new Niner chassis rock solid. 

But above all, Niner ride quality is paramount. Accordingly, the RIP e9 suspension behavior was carefully evaluated during development. With the freedom to consider a range of proven, well-suited suspension designs, our engineers turned to (and hot-rodded) a Horst-link 4-bar system. Turning over every rock in pursuit of performance, we adjusted the leverage ratio, shock length, stroke, orientation and mounting location to elicit Niner’s signature kinematics. Using a “right side up” trunnion shock mount, bearings in the rocker arm are free to rotate smoothly. The net result is a remarkably supple, balanced suspension curve that’s equally at home going uphill or down, and ready to take on any trail.

, Niner E9 Series WFO & RIP Electric Mountain Bike EBike
The 180mm-travel WFO e9 – Retail $6295
, Niner E9 Series WFO & RIP Electric Mountain Bike EBike

Park the shuttle truck, skip the chairlift Your access to the rowdiest terrain, steep backcountry lines, and local chunder just got a lot better. With aggressive geometry, 180mm suspension travel, a coil spring, and Bosch Gen 4 drive system, the WFO e9 is ready to punch your ticket to the top of any trail and capably carve its way down, no matter how gnarly.

As on the RIP e9, the WFO e9 chassis is welded from 6061 aluminum frame mated to a one-piece motor mount. The intricately shaped motor mount houses upper and lower pivots, plus the lower shock mount, for a rock-solid foundation. Forged frame end links and dropouts bring added strength and the pivots ride on Enduro Max Black Oxide bearings for smooth, long life performance. We’re so confident in the quality of our frames, they’re all backed by a lifetime warranty.

Offering up 180mm of coil-sprung travel, the Horst link 4-bar suspension system offers ideal behavior in a pedal assisted application. Every parameter of this proven design, including leverage ratio, shock length, stroke, orientation and mounting location, was adjusted to achieve Niner’s signature, supple yet stable suspension behavior. And because the rocker arm rotates the upper shock bushing far more than the lower, we added bearings to the upper arm and oriented the trunnion mount shock with the damper body on top.

Rounding out our WFO e9 is a “mullet” style, 29er front/27.5+ rear wheel setup. The smaller rear wheel keeps the chainstays short for snappy trail manners and offers up massive traction.



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