Canyon Bikes releases new Neuron, US availability

11/27/2018 : toni

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Canyon Bikes presents the new Neuron
, Canyon Bikes releases new Neuron, US availability

Countless test wins in the international press clearly underline the Neuron’s huge popularity. For years, it’s been one of Canyon’s most successful full-suspension mountain bikes, and rightly so. But the Koblenz-based bike manufacturer aren’t resting on their laurels now. After recently launching the latest iteration of the Neuron AL – the 130 mm full-suspension all-round performer – Canyon are presenting the next evolution of its carbon counterpart, the Neuron CF, and an all-new motor-assisted Neuron model, the Neuron:ON. All three models feature an efficient yet sensitive suspension, confidence-inspiring geometry, and a range of smartly designed solutions so that riders spend less time worrying about their bike, and more time savouring their riding experience. The Neuron is an ideal choice for riders who prefer a style in between pure cross-country and pure trail riding: and with a wide range of models, there are options for riders of all budgets.
, Canyon Bikes releases new Neuron, US availability

With the Neuro CF, we’re going against the current trend in trail biking – of making 130 mm bikes geared towards highly experienced, speed-oriented riders” states Canyon Product Manager Michael Staab, describing the approach behind the new Neuron CF. “For the rider to fully enjoy big rides in the mountains, long days in the hills, or just the usual after work loop, the bike simply has to have the qualities.” In the Neuron CF’s case, these qualities are provided by the lightweight carbon fibre frame, a geometry that keeps riders comfortable and confident all day long, and sensibly selected and reasonably priced componentry.

The full-carbon, full-suspension 29-inch (27.5-inch in sizes XS and S) Neuron CF range starts with the Neuron CF 8.0, at a price point of 2,699 Euros*. The flagship model, the 12.1kg Neuron CF 9.0 Unlimited, with Fox suspension and Shimano XTR drivetrain and brakes, costs 5,599 Euros*. The women’s-specific Neuron CF WMN 8.0 and 9.0 models feature contact points – saddle and cockpit -that are specially optimised for female riders.
, Canyon Bikes releases new Neuron, US availability

In the US, 3 unisex builds will be available:
Neuron CF 8.0 $3499 w/GX Eagle
Neuron CF 9.0 SL 4799 w/XO Eagle
Neuron CF 9.0 Unlimited 6999 w/XX1 and DT Swiss XMC 1200 wheels.
, Canyon Bikes releases new Neuron, US availability

And two women-specific builds:
Neuron WMN CF 8.0 w/GX Eagle $2999
Neuron WMN CF 9.0 w/XO Eagle $3999
, Canyon Bikes releases new Neuron, US availability

More details available at www.canyon.com


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