Wolftooth B-RAD (Bottle Relocation) System

4/20/2017 : sicklines

Wolftooth has released their B-RAD water bottle system that allows users to relocate their bottle cage mounts to give more stoorage for tools and more water bottles. Details inside.

, Wolftooth B-RAD (Bottle Relocation) System

“>B-RAD with Wolf Tooth’s
Bottle Relocation & Accessory Device
Today, Wolf Tooth launches the first elements of its new B-RAD (be rad) system: an innovative solution for anyone looking to optimize on-bike storage. From improving bottle cage locations to adding water, tool, and spare parts capacity, B-RAD is answering the call from adventurous riders everywhere- and there’s more to come.

The B-RAD system begins with a series of slotted Mounting Bases. Available in three sizes, B-RAD bases can shift a bottle cage away from inconvenient rear shocks, add room for tools or tubes below a bottle cage, or even provide space for a second bottle on sufficiently-long downtubes.

The B-RAD Accessory Strap and Mount consists of a bottle boss or Mounting Base compatible base plate and rubber/elastic/foam hook-and-loop strap. Perfect for a spare tube, CO2, light jacket, or mini tools, the Accessory Strap and Mount is limited only by your imagination and good sense.

, Wolftooth B-RAD (Bottle Relocation) System

Compatible with standard bottle bosses or a B-RAD Mounting Base, the Double Bottle Adapter allows for two bottles to be mounted side-by-side for improved capacity and access. The Double Bottle Adapter is ideal for touring, gravel racing, or for endurance mountain bike racing.

, Wolftooth B-RAD (Bottle Relocation) System

Bottle Bottle
B-RAD Pricing:
Mounting Bases:
B-RAD 2: $17.95
B-RAD 3: $19.95
B-RAD 4: $22.95
Accessory Strap and Mount: $29.95
Double Bottle Adapter: $23.95


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