Lindares ReMounts – Relocates Dropper Post Lever Under Brake Lever Mount

1/2/2016 : sicklines

With many people riding 1x setups, one of the best places for your dropper post lever is where the front derailleur goes. Lindares has a new mount called the ReMount, that allows you to fit your handlebar mount sideways underneath your brake lever in a clean fashion for Shimano and SRAM. Details inside.

The ReMount, Integrated.

Given the amount of time that most of us spend looking at our handlebars, it’s no surprise that we appreciate a tidy cockpit. Happily, companies like Shimano and SRAM agree- and have provided for accessory mounting in their brake lever designs.

Like the original ReMount 22, the new series of integrated ReMounts turn most cable-actuated dropper post and shock remotes on their side. The result? A comfortable, secure lever position that keeps more of your hand on the bar and more of your mind on the trail.

The ReMount is now available in three versions to take advantage of Shimano I-Spec A & B, Shimano I-Spec II, and SRAM Matchmaker X brake lever integration standards.

, Lindares ReMounts – Relocates Dropper Post Lever Under Brake Lever Mount

These ReMounts mount directly to compatible Shimano, SRAM, or Avid left brake levers for a clean, stable, and low-profile remote mount. With six mounting positions and (in the case of IS-II and MM models) angle adjustment, the integrated ReMounts can be adjusted to accommodate most any cockpit and remote combination.

In response to rider feedback, all integrated models are more compact than the ReMount 22 and sit further forward, keeping remotes out of harm’s way while reducing the chance of painful knee contact. At 15-19g, integrated ReMounts are also 5-25% lighter than the original.

, Lindares ReMounts – Relocates Dropper Post Lever Under Brake Lever Mount

With their CNC-machined 6061 aluminum mount, architectural-grade anodizing, Delrin boss, and stainless steel hardware, the new ReMounts are built to last. From machining to molding, screws to shipping labels, integrated ReMounts are 65-70% made in the USA.


  • All ReMounts are designed to work with cable-actuated dropper and shock remotes with pivots parallel to the handlebar center.
  • We do not recommend the ReMount for RockShox Reverb remotes.
  • We do not recommend integrated ReMounts for multi-chainring drivetrains.
  • The ReMount MM mounts securely to all hinged MatchMaker X (MMX) compatible SRAM and Avid brake lever clamps.
  • TheReMount MM can be mounted to the underside of top/left RockShox XLoc Sprint hydraulic lockouts
  • SRAM’s MatchMaker X T-nut and matching Torx screw are required for mounting.
  • The ReMount MM is available with genuine MatchMaker X hardware if needed.
  • The ReMount IS-II mounts securely to all Shimano I-Spec II (11-speed generation) brake levers.

The ReMount IS-AB mounts securely to all Shimano I-Spec A and I-Spec B left brake levers.
Not all hardware will be required for each standard.
Pricing (all pricing includes free ground shipping within USA):


  • ReMount IS-AB: ~11 January 2016
  • ReMount IS-II: ~11 January 2016
  • ReMount MM: Now
  • ReMount MM with MMX hardware:
  • Limited availability: Now

Full availability: ~20 January 2016
Lindarets.com Preorder Specials:

  • All ReMount IS-AB preorders receive a 15% discount ($25.45 shipped)
  • All ReMount IS-II preorders receive a 15% discount ($25.45 shipped)


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