ReMount – Lindarets Aftermarket Cable Actuated Replacement Seat Post Dropper Lever (Specialized, Thomson, Giant, etc)

5/19/2015 : sicklines

, ReMount – Lindarets Aftermarket Cable Actuated Replacement Seat Post Dropper Lever (Specialized, Thomson, Giant, etc)

If you’ve ever been frustrated with your dropper post lever, this might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Lindarets have come up with their ReMount dropper post lever that works with a variety of cable-actuated dropper posts including Specialized, Thomson, Giant, etc. It positions the dropper lever in a front-derailleur shifter position.

Introducing the ReMount.
Here at Lindarets, we love our dropper posts. With most of the reliability up and costs down, there’s little reason not to enjoy the confidence and control they allow on anything short of a full-fledged XC race bike.

The remotes? Not so much. Manufacturers’ need to accommodate front shifters invariably leads to compromise, putting levers out of reach, forcing the hand to unwrap from the bar, and asking the thumb to move in strange ways. So we set out trying to figure out how to make the remote better with the one-by cockpits that we’ve come to love.

Eight generations later, we’re more than happy with the result. The ReMount takes most cable-actuated dropper remotes and turns them on their side. This moves the remote lever from inboard of the brake lever to roughly where a front shifter’s thumb paddle would normally sit. A generous 30mm length allows the rider to find a dropper position that suits their bike and body. The result is a remote location that leaves more of the hand on the bar and more of the mind on the trail when control and concentration are most critical. And it even turns out that some of our testers like it with a front shifter in place.

The ReMount is made in the USA of chemical-resistant Delrin, which -compared to CNC-machined aluminum- reduces the liklihood of handlebar damage in the event of a crash. A stainless steel screw and threaded brass insert will work well and look good for years to come.
The ReMount weighs 20g and is available now from Lindarets for $19 shipped.


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