2014 BOS Dizzy – XC Suspension Fork 29″ and 27.5″ to follow

1/29/2014 : sicklines

BOS sent through some details on their new 2014 Dizzy XC fork. The first Dizzy model will be available for 29er’s with a 27.5″ option to follow. In addition to that, BOS and United Freeride have teamed up again for 2014 so keep an eye out for BOS onboard their bikes.

Press Release
Bos MTB presents a brand new XC fork!

, 2014 BOS Dizzy – XC Suspension Fork 29″ and 27.5″ to follow

Mainly involved in DH and enduro with excellent reputation products, Bos now enters the cross country / trail area with an all new fork named Dizzy.

The fact that Bos could someday make its appearance in cross country was not obvious for most of the people. Many only saw the French Brand as a specialist in high performance suspensions dedicated to gravity practices. Fields in which Bos has shown its efficiency, especially in terms of hydraulic. However in cross country, it was commonly accepted, till then, that lightness prevailed over hydraulic control. Some could wonder what difference a Bos XC fork would make. Dizzy brings the answer in a fantastic way.

Does an XC fork need to be light ? Both DH and enduro Bos forks already are, since many years. Weighing only 1580g, it is not thus a surprise to see Dizzy joining the category in a very competitive way.

With 32mm diameters stanchions, the fork is made for the discipline. Intended for 29” wheels, it offers a travel of 100 or 120mm, knowing that the 27,5” version is already planned.

A new closed cartridge
Once the first challenge level is done, remains to be seen what can bring Bos to a discipline usually less demanding in terms of damping. With Dizzy, Bos has developed an all new closed cartridge, allowing a substantial gain of weight compared with the opened systems used till then on the Deville and Idylle. A technology that has, moreover, found a first application on the recently presented AM version of the Deville.

However, the cartridge of the new XC fork is not modeled on the one of the Deville AM. It simply is the contrary. It has been mainly designed to find its application on the new generation of Bos XC forks. Once the technology validated, and as the production of the mechanical elements of Dizzy still had to be completed, joining it to the Deville range was faster.

With a lower diameter than the AM version one, this cartridge offers the exact same compression system, adjustable via a three positions knob. Soft, Medium and Hard. The essential particularity of this hydraulic system is that the setting not only acts on low speeds, but offers three combinations of low AND high speed curves.

The S position responds to the need of comfort

, 2014 BOS Dizzy – XC Suspension Fork 29″ and 27.5″ to follow

The M position favors the hydraulic control and the grip.

the M position in the middle is originaly located at a precise point (set up in the factory), but the user keeps the possibility to shift it between the two S and H poles. Indeed, M is the basic position which offers a compromise between comfort, chassis maintenance and grip. The chassis maintenance notion, more known in enduro and DH, relates to the capacity of the fork to stay around the SAG, while riding under normal conditions, without excessively diving at any request. In XC, the chassis maintenance also favors the pedaling efficiency, even on M position. Even so, if you prefer a fork a little bit freer, or a little more flanged, you have the possibility to change the positions between S and H without affecting them.
The H position is used to favor the efficiency of the pedaling.

That H position considerably hardens the fork, without stopping it, in order to limit the oscillation caused by the pedaling. Bos remains faithful to an, although really flanged, active fork to be able to take unexpected impacts. As regards security of course.
Of course, compared to the AM fork, values defined by an XC use on a shorter travel, are specific.


Guiding and friction at Bos level

At BOS we always have payed extreme attention to notions of guiding and frictions. It wouldn’t be useful to work as hard on the hydraulic, if the fork was mechanically braked. Data you can quantify on a test bench, which we did. After having precisely quantify it, we can assure you the BOS forks present the lower friction coefficient on the market.

, 2014 BOS Dizzy – XC Suspension Fork 29″ and 27.5″ to follow

In the field
It is on the field that this fork is the most expected, still with the basic question : What can Bos bring to the cross country ?

Bos’s philosophy remains to keep an hydraulic maintenance of the chassis, even with short travel. An incredible asset in pure XC, but aso for thoser trail / enduro bikes featuring short travel that are flourishing today.

The great combination comfort / damping that bring Bos’s enduro forks is back on the Dizzy, with however a “Hard” position which limits even more movements due to pedaling.
Dizzy is, with no doubt, a new experience in XC riding ! You have to try it !


  • Model: 29’’ (27.5 to come)
  • Stanchions – ø32 / Al 7075
  • Lowers – Magnesium
  • Travel – 100 and 120 mm
  • Cartridge Fermée(closed)
  • Settings Détente Compression : S-M-H
  • Spring – Air
  • Steerer -Tapered
  • Crown -Al 7075
  • Axle – 15 mm New QR Bos
  • Disc mount – PS 160
  • Rotor max 180
  • Offset – 445mm
  • Axle 2 Crown – 505 mm (100mm) : 525 mm (120mm)
  • Weight – 1580 g

United Freeride Team and BOS
This was a big decision for UR team, but this decision has been driven by the team’s goal for performance.

With BOS we know we have the best package with product performance and team support.
We have never seen BOS and Olivier Bossard so eager to win more races and we know we have the full support from everyone in the company. UR team is proud also to play an important role in the development of their products and is really appreciative to work with such quality products.

, 2014 BOS Dizzy – XC Suspension Fork 29″ and 27.5″ to follow

Mick Hannah is a fighter. After having been so close to his goal in 2013, he is on a mission to knock down the clock and BOS Suspension is his new combat strategy. Mick words :
“The last 2 years have shown huge growth for myself and the UR Team as a whole. Our goals combined with the products, goals and dedication that BOS are offering us, I’m confident we will be taking it to the next level and beyond.”

Olivier Bossard words:
“Fabien and his team were part of the first MTB team to race BOS Suspension. Today we wish to reinforce our presence at the highest MTBing racing level and so this partnership comes as a natural step to take in this direction. The UR Team is one of the key players on the World Cup circuit. We really trust the work that will be achieved by these very talented riders may it be in Downhill, Enduro or Slopestyle. All this will help us push our boundries and take our products to the limit.”

Fabien Cousinié team owner :
“I’m really glad to see the team is back working with BOS. Our paths separated a few year ago but it was to make a better and stronger come back this year. BOS and UR Team are neighbors in the South West of France, so it’s going to make all the development processes much faster: Keep your eyes open!”


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