Enduro Magazine – Issue 007

12/10/2013 : sicklines

, Enduro Magazine – Issue 007
Enduro Magazine has released Issue #007 today.  Available online or via app-stores.  The online version allows you to scroll through the magazine articles with left-right and dive deeper with the up-down keys.

[Enduro Magazine – Issue 007]

“A Happy End!” That’s how we could sum up the midsummer fairytale of the 2013 enduro season – given that the season had already ended! Without a doubt, winter is not exactly what a mountain biker desires, but still: it’s a great time! Great to overcome the weaker self and great to look back at all the great adventures of the summer. That’s exactly what we did for this issue: We went for many rides with new bikes and old Klunkers, we retrospectively looked back on the first year of the Enduro World Series and gave a final resume on our long-term test bikes. Biking is exciting – all year round!



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