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Time Speciale 8 Enduro Mountain Bike Pedal – ATAC


TIME launched their first Enduro pedal last year called the Speciale 12. Today they’ve announced a new sister pedal called the Speciale 8. Details inside from Time.

Time Specialie 12 pedals, Deity Brendan Fairclough BF800 handlebars, Ergon GE1/GD1, Oury, Niner Magic Carpert Ride


Our 2018 Sea Otter coverage continues with highlights from Deity, Ergon, EVOC, Deity, and Niner.

2012 Time Pedals: X Roc S, X ROC, Z Strong


TIME pedals are well renowned for their quality and reliable functionality in adverse mountain bike conditions. Inside we take a look at the X Roc S, X Roc, and the Z Strong’s.

Preview: TIME Clipless X Roc S Pedals


TIME wanted to be able to offer a wide platform pedal at a lighter weight than their aluminum body Z range. The R&D department has developed a composite body that provides great support when unclipped. Check inside for more detail … Continue reading