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eRap Electronic Thru Axle – Robert Axle Project


Tired of having to thread your axles into your bikes? An innovative solution is finally available to fix this challenge from the Robert Axle Project. Continue reading

Robert Axle Project’s Drive Thru – Makes Drivetrain Cleaning Easy


Cleaning bikes is something we all have to do and we love products that make this job easier. The Robert Axle Project sent over a new product called the Drive Thru that allows you to remove your wheel for deeper … Continue reading

The Robert Axle Project Lightning Bolt-On : A Replacement Thru Axle For Your Mountain Bike, Road, Gravel, or eBike


If you’ve been on the hunt for a quality replacement axle for your bike, The Robert Axle Project Lighting Bolt-On thru-axle has a lot of the features we like in an axle. They fit well, help avoid axle impacts, are … Continue reading