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Matt Hunter – This is Home


Every day is a no-brainer for those who choose the lifestyle. For Matt Hunter, migration was never necessary. He grew up in Kamloops, where the surrounding landscape was an ever-present inspiration for his own riding. Continue reading

Video: Matt Hunter – Riding Volcanoes in Patagonia – Trail Hunter


Specialized and Matt Hunter head to Patagonia in the latest Trail Hunter video to ride on some volcanoes.

Video: Darklight


Over a month of production, a 27-man crew, two epic locations, 171 lights, exploding batteries on wheels, a rattlesnake bite, and riding in a place that felt like “Avatar on an acid trip”—The new film from Sweetgrass Productions is unbelievably … Continue reading

Video: Trail Hunter – Sun Valley and Destination Trail – Maui


Specialized has produced two videos recently that we enjoyed watching. Watch as Matt Hunter and friends travel to Sun Valley, Idaho to ride. The second video is part of their Destination Trail where they visit Maui to see what they’ve … Continue reading

Video with Matt Hunter : Trail Hunter – Japan


Matt Hunter, professional mountain biker and adventure seeker, finds inspiration traveling the world, exploring new trails and having unique experiences that could only happen on a bike.

Video: Matt Hunter – Trail Hunter


Matt Hunter takes his Enduro 29 to the trails of the Pacific North West. There are no additional words are necessary to get you to watch this video inside if you’ve been here.

Video: Cornering With Matt Hunter


Matt Hunter knows how to shred on a bike and proves to all the naysayers that 29ers can indeed corner quite well! Anthill filmed the bar dragging exhibition you can see inside.

Video: 10 Years of Awesome – Matt Hunter and Darren Berrecloth on Specialized


Matt Hunter and Darren Berrecloth have been in the biking scene for quite some time. They’ve helped progress the sport as we know it. Matt Hunter and Darren Berrecloth review the past 10 years onboard Specialized and review some iconic … Continue reading

Epic TV Interviews Matt Hunter


Matt Hunter is a well known freerider and inside he gets interviewed by the Epic TV crew. If you’ve ever met or watched Hunter ride, you know he loves to ride his bike.