Video: Trail Hunter – Sun Valley and Destination Trail – Maui

4/21/2015 : sicklines

, Video: Trail Hunter – Sun Valley and Destination Trail – Maui

Specialized has produced two videos recently that we enjoyed watching. Watch as Matt Hunter and friends travel to Sun Valley, Idaho to ride. The second video is part of their Destination Trail where they visit Maui to see what they’ve got to offer.

Matt Hunter and his friends plan a trip every year to reconnect and ride. This year, the group elected to meet in the Sawtooth Range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. Few places embody the heart of the American West like the Sawtooth. Rugged, wild, and ever changing, it’s the perfect place to crack a beer, earn your rides, and laugh with great friends when it’s over.

Welcome to Destination Trail, a series that follows riders as they the travel the globe, hunting for its greatest trails. Some of what they find might be renowned, some undiscovered. But that’s the point. When expectations and attitudes are stripped away, only the essence of mountain biking remains. This is where adventure thrives. And it’s here that memories are made.


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