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Kyle Strait Video – Red Bull Rampage 2021


The 2021 Red Bull Rampage goes live on October 15th but there’s a lot that goes into it ahead of time for the riders. Follow along with Kyle Strait and Luca Cometti to see what his plans are for Rampage this year in his video. Continue reading

Video: Suspended Productions – Party in the Pines


Suspend Productions has a new video of some shredders in Pine Valley.  Join Luca Cometti, Kyle Strait, Austin Warren, and many more for a session in the Pines.

2016 Intense Factory Downhill Team – Dean Lucas, Nik Nestoroff, Jack Moir, Luca Cometti


The new Intense Cycles Factory DH team roster includes Jack Moir (Australia), Luca Cometti (USA) , Nik Nestoroff (USA) and Dean Lucas (Australia). Check out their new team video inside.