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YT Capra Core 2 Aluminum


When it comes to hard-hitting enduro mountain bikes riders can rely on YT Industries to offer the perfect machine for the job. The gravity experts have now introduced an additional aluminum option to the lineup of the legendary enduro mountain bike. The CAPRA Core 2 boasts the same frame details, geometry, and kinematic concept as the new generation of the carbon CAPRA that was released in 2021. Continue reading

Stark & Nell send it at Highland Bike Park


Ethan Nell and Dylan Stark are used to sending it big time on the downhill rig, but this time they switch things up a little bit. In ‘Redemption’ both Americans teamed up with Calvin Huth to celebrate Good Times and show off their speed and style. Continue reading

The 2018 YT Capra – Return Of The Goat


Checkout the new YT Capra in what must be one of the wildest launch vids in a while!