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Red Bull Formation – Dig Test Ride – Ep1


Red Bull has launched episode 1 of their Dig-Test-Ride videos as they recap the biggest women’s freeride event. Continue reading

Hangtime Jam Session Video Recap


Hangtime just took place in Bellingham, WA. Tons of women shredding the jumps. Check it out. Continue reading

Casey Brown – Dark Horse All-Women Freeride Event Video


Check out Casey Brown’s recap video from the Dark Horse event she held in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Twelve women, ages 12 to 33, got together in Revelstoke, British Columbia, from Aug. 17 to Aug. 21 for the first ever edition … Continue reading

Women of Ride Concepts


Who are the women of Ride Concepts? Check inside for some info an da fun video from the team at Ride Concepts. Continue reading

Ride Force – A New Women’s Clothing Brand Launched


Based out of Jackson, Wyoming, Ride Force is a brand focused on empowering women in the outdoors by providing a performance clothing option inclusive of fit, styling, technical features and design.

Founder and Designer, Taylor-Ann Smith understood the struggles of finding women’s bike apparel with relaxed fits and neutral designs, so she created Ride Force with the mission to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to push their limits on bikes, while feeling confident in the way they look. Continue reading

Road to Formation – Samantha Soriano – Canyon


Samantha Soriano is embarking on her first Red Bull Formation competition. Follow along with her journey in episodes 1-3. Continue reading

Shimano – All Bodies On Bikes


Shimano is excited to share a really special film project called All Bodies on Bikes that focuses on inclusivity and creating a more welcoming cycling community. All Bodies on Bikes follows Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky on a two-day bike … Continue reading

OneUp – Good Vides on International Women’s Day


OneUp doesn’t have a dedicated women’s team, but we do have some pretty amazing women on our team. So on March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day with party laps in Squamish, BC. Continue reading

The Flying Squirrels Club and Radical Rippers


Bellingham’s premier riding club and development team for junior girls. Transition Co-founder, Kari Young, started the Flying Squirrels to complement all the afterschool ride programs in Bellingham, WA and create a space for girls to ride together. Continue reading

Liv’s New 2017 Womens Mountain Bikes – 160mm Hail , Pique, Embolden


For 2017, LIV has some new bikes for the ladies including a new women’s specific 160mm travel Enduro bike, a trail/xc Pique, and a shorter travel trail/xc Embolden bike.  Details inside from LIV.