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Polygon UR Team to Race On SR Suntour RUX 2017


  SR Suntor has teamed up with Polygon’s UR Team for 2017. They’ve been testing with with Mick Hannah and the team to get their products dialed in. Details and a video inside form SR Suntour.

Video: SR Suntour’s New 36mm Fork Durolux R2C2, RC2 | Rux R2C2, RC2 | Duair + Unair Shocks


SR Suntour has been steadily increasing their product range and for 2016 they’ve got a variety of new forks and shocks in the market. Check inside for some quick videos explaining some of the new products and technology in their … Continue reading

Video: 2014 SR Suntour RUX Downhill Fork


SR Suntour has a new downhill fork available to the public for 2014 that you may be aware of called the Rux. Check out some of the highlights inside as Brett Tippie and Darren take you through some of the … Continue reading

SR Suntour Rux Downhill Fork Prototype 2012


SR Suntour has a new fork they’ve been working on for the gravity and freeride crowd called the Rux.  Learn all about it inside as we get a video rundown and some detailed pictures on their new prototype fork.