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Video:Teton Film – Esperanto


The new Bike Film, Esperanto, with award winning director Jeremy Grant, looks to showcase what living the dream on two-wheels looks like. The movie title, Esperanto, stems from a new language created in 1887 by a Polish-Jewish doctor who had the idea of creating a universal second-language so we could all be connected no matter your beliefs, ideologies or residing country.  Continue reading

Freeride Fiesta – Transition Recap


Freeride Fiesta is a jump jam event hosted by Johny Salido, one of our Transition factory athletes. It’s located at La Soledad Bike Park just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. Continue reading

Johny Salido Joins Endura


Mexican Rider Joins Scottish Apparel Brand Livingston, Scotland, 19th January 2022 – Endura are stoked to announce the signing of a second formidable freerider in a week in the shape of Juan Diego Salido, better known as Johny Salido. The young … Continue reading

Red Bull Rampage – Live Today!


The boys at Rampage are locked and loaded for the finals today. They’ve spent a lot of time preparing and carving their lines into the Virgin, UT terrain in hopes of landing a top spot on the podium.