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2015 Enduro World Series Results – EWS#1 Video Recap Rotorua, NZ


The Enduro World Series has just published a video recapping Round #1. Be sure to check it out.

[Video: Enduro World Series – Round 1 Results Recap] Continue reading

2015 Enduro World Series: Jerome Clementz and Anne Caroline Chausson win the Giant Toa Enduro in New Zealand


The 2015 Enduro World Series kicked off at Cranworx Rotorua and there was some exciting racing going on to say the least. At the end of the race, Jerome Clementz and Anne Caroline Chausson went on to win the Giant … Continue reading

Jerome Clementz – SRAM ROAM / RAIL Wheels 2015/2016


Jerome Clementz is a talented racer who knows how to ride an Enduro bike to say the least. SRAM beamed over a video with him testing wheels in Finale Ligure aboard his new Alpinestars kit and SRAM wheels. The SRAM … Continue reading

DirtTV Jerome Clementz – 650b/27.5 Chat After Andes Pacifico


Steve Jones sits down with Jerome Clementz to discuss the merits of the 27.5″ wheel that he’s been running lately. Last year the Jerome ran a 26″ bike but he’s transitioned over to a 27.5 bike that they’ve been developing … Continue reading