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Hayes Bicycle Group Launches Collection of Gravel and Trail Wheels


Hayes Bicycle Group is pleased to launch a collection of Gravel and Trail wheels, featuring ten new wheelset options from Reynolds and SUNringlé, along with a new, versatile Manitou Jack dropper seatpost.  Continue reading

New Hayes/Manitou 2021 Products – R7 Pro, R7 Expert, Super Bubba X, Duroc 30 Wheelset


Hayes Introduces All New XC Collection Featuring Some Familiar Names?. Check inside for details from Hayes. Continue reading

Hayes Dominion A2 & A4 Brakes, JUNIT Kids Components, STR Rims, SRC Hubs, Protaper


The Hayes Performance Systems had a variety of new products at Sea Otter on display. The Dominion brakes are well thought out and they introduced a 2 piston model at the show. In addition to the brakes they have also … Continue reading

Sea Otter: Hayes – 2017 Product Highlights – Mattoc, Mastodon, Duro Wheelsets (35,40,50), and Updated Hexlock Axle


Inside we take a look at some new Hayes product updates. Forks, rims, wheels, and axles!

Philip Ott Leads 2016 Hayes Road Show


We ran into Philip the Hayes guys recently and they clued us into a new program they have been working on called the “Hayes Road Show”.  The focus will be to engage with North American Bicycle Dealers.  Details inside from Hayes.

2014/2015 Hayes Radar Disc Brake, Manitou Mattoc and McLeod


If you’re in the market for an entry-level XC-Trail disc brake, Hayes has a new mineral oil brake called the Radar. Mantiou also has taken what they learned from designing the damping in the Dorado and applied it in a … Continue reading

Wheelsmith Video – How a Spoke is Made


When the Hayes Bicycle Group purchased Sun Ringle, they wanted to also find a way to source spokes domestically for complete wheels. They purchased Wheelsmith and Asahi ((which was located in Japan at the time), and moved those tools to … Continue reading

Manitou Dorado 2013 Expert vs. Pro Downhill Suspension Fork


For 2013, Manitou has two models in the Dorado family called the Dorado Expert and the Dorado Pro.  There are subtle differences between the two but you can learn all of the details inside.