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Endura Releases MT500 Burner, MT500 Burner Clipless, and HUMMVEE Flat Pedal Shoes


Apparel leader Endura is entering the shoe market, launching with two performance mountain offerings for flat pedals and clipless systems and one flat pedal option with city performance in mind. Continue reading

Endura Updates and Expands MT500 Freezing Point Range


Winter can provide some of the year’s best riding with crisp air and snow-dusted trails. Reset the thermostat with the updated and expanded MT500 Freezing Point Range and make even the coldest winter day a riding day. Details inside from Endura. Continue reading

Endura MT500 Smok’n Prints


The Atherton siblings front this unashamed full-on fashion extravaganza. Psychedelic prints and pants on fire… strap in for the ride Continue reading