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Damien Oton – Devinci AllTricks Pyrenees Orientales—France


Damien Oton had a great enduro season in 2014 and he is looking on form to have another great season. Watch as Damien prepares for the fast approaching season.

Video: Theo Galy – Devinci/Alltricks prepares for 2015 EWS


Devinci beamed over a new video they’ve produced with Theo Galy. Watch as the Devinci/Alltricks.com rider prepares for the 2015 Enduro World Series in the video edit inside.

2015 – Devinci’s Carbon Spartan : Detailed Pictures


Devinci has just launched their carbon Spartan and we’ve got some detailed shots of it inside for you to check out.

2015 Devinci Spartan – A 165mm travel 27.5″ Enduro Weapon


Devinci’s latest weapon in their arsenal is the Spartan. Designed for enduro races this 165mm 27.5″ bike is intended to shred down as well as up if the need arises.

Devinci/Alltricks.com Enduro Team – Test the New Devinci Spartan XP / RC / RR


Devinci Cycles has a new team on the EWS circuit this year, the Devinci/Alltricks.com Enduro Team. They’ll be racing on board some new Devinci Bikes to help develop and test the future of Devinci Enduro bikes. Check out the new … Continue reading