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Muc Off – Bike Cleaning Punk Powder


If you like Muc-Off cleaner, they’ve now created “Punk Powder” that allows you to mix up a cleaner by just adding water! Details inside. Continue reading

Robert Axle Project’s Drive Thru – Makes Drivetrain Cleaning Easy


Cleaning bikes is something we all have to do and we love products that make this job easier. The Robert Axle Project sent over a new product called the Drive Thru that allows you to remove your wheel for deeper … Continue reading

Review: Bikehand Dummy Tool For 12mm Axles – Chain & Derailleur Cleaning or BIke Carrier Transportation


We were searching for a chain-keeper that would hold our chain on a 12mm axle to help during cleaning and came across one that works quite well. Check out the BikeHand Dummy inside.