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Video:Teton Film – Esperanto


The new Bike Film, Esperanto, with award winning director Jeremy Grant, looks to showcase what living the dream on two-wheels looks like. The movie title, Esperanto, stems from a new language created in 1887 by a Polish-Jewish doctor who had the idea of creating a universal second-language so we could all be connected no matter your beliefs, ideologies or residing country.  Continue reading

Red Bull Formation – Dig Test Ride – Ep1


Red Bull has launched episode 1 of their Dig-Test-Ride videos as they recap the biggest women’s freeride event. Continue reading

DVO Women Set Up For Success


All too often, women are excluded from innovation where the latest technology is designed with an average male rider in mind. With a for riders, by riders approach, the high-performance technology and customizable tunes behind DVO Suspension elevates the riding experience for athletes of all sizes. DVO’s tireless commitment to suspension technology for all riders has set a foundation for which women are progressing the sport. From the EWS world stage to freeride progression, DVO Suspension is the secret to success for women pushing the sport now and in the future.   Details inside from DVO. Continue reading