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A Dog’s Life – Season 2 Episode 3 – Wales


In S.2 Ep.3 of A Dog’s Life, Brendan takes on a newly constructed mega-line in Wales, racking up some serious airtime. New Episode live now! Continue reading

A Dog’s Life: Season 2 Episode 2 – Travel Diaries – Portes du Soleil Brendan Fairclough Scott Sports


A Dog’s Life: Travel Diaries – Portes du Soleil In S.2 Ep.2 of A Dog’s Life, Brendan throws down at quite possibly the hottest riding destination Europe has to offer. New Episode live now! Givisiez, Switzerland, November 2021. Morzine? Chatel? … Continue reading

Dog’s Life Season 2 Episode 1 Madeira Brendan Fairclough


With international travel now on the cards for much of Europe, Season 2 of A Dog’s Life will take you on a trip around the world to discover the best destinations for an escape with your bike and your buddies. From must-ride classics to dreamworthy, hidden gems, Brendan and co. are on a mission to showcase some of the best riding locations their tires have ever touched! Continue reading

Video: A Dog’s Life Part 3 – With Amaury Pierron in South Africa


In Episode Three of “A Dog’s Life” Brendan Fairclough heads down to South Africa with Amaury Pierron to show us what happens when you place two of the world’s fastest Downhill MTB Racers and put them on some private DH … Continue reading

Episode 2 – Chatel – A Dog’s Life – Brendan Fairclough


In Episode 2 of “A Dog’s Life,” Brendan heads to the mountain resort town of Châtel in France to meet up with Vincent Tupin. Bombing down ski-slopes and ripping Vinny’s local spots down to the lake, follow along as these … Continue reading

Brendan Fairclough – A Dog’s Life Teaser


Brendan Fairclough has some new video content coming January 16th and you can check out a teaser inside. Check out “A Dog’s Life” inside.